Raygo Quinton 27 hours till impact. 

"Oh ah, sorry," Raygo answered softly. Valyria then muttered something about Cara, but he wasn't paying attention to her much. He was trying to learn as much as he could about the room.

It was almost pitch black. Even though Valyria had made a glowing plant, it's faint light wasn't able to lift the vast endless weight of the darkness. They were stranded in shadow. But their other senses were working just fine. 

The water was slimy and gooey, like pieces of butter of pudding floating around in a full bath tub. The smell was absolutely horrid, though thankfully the water deluded it to a degree. And it was cold, very, very cold.  

Luckily he had already figured out that by the way their voices trailed on and echoed that the ceiling was high above them, and that the sewers were connected throughout the entire complex. The multiple doors only supported that theory. But how to open them....that would be tricky. And even if they managed to open them, how would they determine the best route to go?

And what about Cara? He wondered. How exactly were they going to reunite with her? They would need her magnetic abilities if they were going to get out of here, wherever here was. Raygo was still trying to find out why all three of their memories had been wiped. 

"Raygo, any ideas?" ask Valyria. From the sound of water moving and the soft tapping on the metal doors Raygo knew Valyria was trying to find the switch.

"Um...well first we need to find the switch."

"Really now?" 

"But I'm wondering whether it's actually down here or not. After all, the trap door was meant as a trap."

Valyria fell silent for a moment. Through the darkness Raygo couldn't see her facial expression to understand what she was feeling. Then she replied. "There has to be one down here. A hidden one known only by the builders. In case one of the staff fell in here by accident. But I can't see anything." He heard a sharp pound of the metal muffled by water. Valyria must have kicked the wall in frustration.

The electronic announcer went on loop yet again. "This is not a drill, repeat, this is not a drill..."

They needed to find a way out of their, fast. They couldn't waste anymore time. They had to get out of the sewers and back to the main floors, meet up with Cara and somehow find a way out of the station, if that's where they were.

Freezing the water to make solid ice hand't worked. The water was just a tad to warm for that, even though the water was close to freezing. Valyrias plants couldn't do much either. She had tried to use the plants to make cracks in the metal, but with no success. And melting the doors hadn't worked either. All the heat had done was glow.

That was it! Why hadn't he thought of that earlier? How stupid of him. Maybe after he was done Valyria could grow some plants for them to stand on. A million ideas began flooding into his head, like a wave of inspiration. But he didn't have time to give them much though.

"Valyria, stand back."

He channeled his energy yet again. He felt his hands heat up until they were lit like luminous Chinese lanterns. 

"So you did have an idea after all," Valyria said sarcastically. But by the smirk on her newly illuminated face Raygo knew she was impressed. 

Then, something disturbed the water next to her that made them both jump. They could see a slithering shadow glide through the swampy liquid. It was big, it was scaly, and by the sound of it's growling meant that it wasn't friendly.

"Oh crap." Valyria said. Then they both began frantically searching for a switch. 




The End

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