Sewer Trapdoors

Valyria Falk  28 hours until impact

Valyria stared at the hole in the wall before she realized what had just happened. But before she could do anything to get through, another hole opened up beneath her.

Trapdoor 43602 activated. A metallic voice rang out as she dropped down the chute with Raygo, screaming her head off. Trapdoor? What? Where were they going? After an eternity of falling, she finally landed with a splash at the bottom. A foul smell reek out of the water and Valyria realized that it was the sewage.

Trapdoor 43602 closing in 3, 2, 1. Closed. Valyria watched helplessly as the only source of light closed above her with a loud clang.

“I can’t breath!” She gasped, fanning the putrid air out of her face. This sucked.

“Why don’t you grow some trees or something? Maybe clean the air?”

“I don’t know how!” She sighed exasperated. But as she said that, a vine show out from the water and quickly grew into a large flower bush. One that seem to excrete large amounts of perfume along with fresh air.

“You just did it.”

Now that the air was cleaner, Valyria tried to look around.

“Light!” She shouted and to her surprise, a small glowing plant shot out of the ground. She quickly plucked and shined it around.

They were in the sewers. Not bad. Valyria plowed through the thick water, swimming occasionally, not something she found very pleasant. There were multiple exits and she picked and chose all of them. Problem - all of the doors to the different tunnels were blocked. As they made their way to each and every possible exit, they found a closed door. Bolted and locked tight, made with a thick stone. Not meltable stone either.

“There has to be an opening mechanism here somewhere.” Valyria mumbled as she felt around the wall, searching for anything. But there was nothing. She was still searching when she noticed Raygo just standing there. “What are you doing? Get moving!”

“Oh, ah, sorry.” He replied meekly, stumbling along to wall searching for a switch. Now if only that Cara girl had been here. Maybe she could find the switch...

The End

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