Raygo's Awakening.

Raygo Quinton  30 hours till impact.

The first thing Raygo thought when he woke from his slumber was, what's that awful smell?

He opened his eyes and blinked, like he was trying them out for the first time. What he saw in front of him, were squares. He didn't know how or why, he had lost all memory, but he knew that the pattern was the ceiling.

He somehow remembered how to sit up. Looking around, he observed he was in a small room, filled with wires, machines, and other beds. On the floor, a couple feet away on a small table was a bowl of rotten fruit, which he determined was the cause of the smell. Looking back at the beds, he noticed only two other beds were occupied. Filling them were girls, Raygo knew. And unlike him, they were still...what's it called again? Sleeping! That's right.

It wasn't long, however, till one of the girls woke up too. She blinked, sat up, and looked around with a look of confusion as much as he had. She had blonde hair, blue eyes that seemed to analyze every bit of Raygo, and an imperious voice.

"Where am I?" She demanded from Raygo. She was staring hard at him still, with such an impassive look it was like she was looking straight threw him. 

Raygo tried to remember how to speak. He decided to wing it.

"Um..." his voice was sore, he probably hadn't spoken in a while, "I...I don't know."

She didn't respond. She looked around some more, spotted the other girl, across from her bed, and frowned. Then, remarkably enough, she was able to stand up.

"Who are you?"

"I'm, um..." who was he? He looked down at his shirt. A name tag gleamed on his plain pajamas. The up-side-down letters read, Raygo. "Raygo."

"Huh." she said, not looking at him. "I'm Valyria." 


"Would you get up an actually do something? Don't you realize we're trapped?" She looked away from him and started examining the room.

"Um." Actually, yes. Raygo could immediately tell that they, whoever they were, were not suppose to get out of this room based on the lack of exits. But he didn't want to challenge her.

"Uhg...." the covers in the third bed began to rustle. Both Raygo and Valyria stared at her simultaneously as she tossed and turned, eventually sat up as they had. She looked at Raygo and Valyria with with innocent brown eyes.

"What's going on?" she asked. She looked around the room, clutching her blankets.

"We're trapped." Answered Valyria.

"Um....yes." Ragyo said. She gave Raygo a slight wave and smiled.

"What are your guys names?"


"I'm Raygo."

"Pretty names. I'm Cara." She smiled.

"All right, I'm done with manners. Time to get to work. How exactly are we going to get out of here?" stated Valyria.

"Why do we need to get out of here exactly?" asked Cara. 

"I'm not sticking around here. You guys have fun. I'm going to find away out." She then walked over to the walls and began inspecting for possible exists.

"How do you know other people aren't coming?' Asked Cara to Valyria.

"I think the area's abandoned." said Raygo.

They both turned to look at him. "And how exactly do you know that genius?"

"Um, well, this room is humid and moist, but the delicate machinery around us appears to need certain cold temperatures to be able to function properly. The air conditioners have obviously been shut down. The dead flowers on your bedside, Cara, mean they haven't been tended to for days. Same with the dust on all surfaces."

Both of them seemed a little dubious, "how can we be so sure?" asked Cara.

"I can't. It's only a theory."

"I think it makes sense," said Valyria, "And look at what I found. Something tells me someone should have come long ago to get us."

She showed Raygo and Cara a chart. It had all of their names, and beside them, a list of abilities.

Raygo Quinton: Ability, heating and cooling powers. Skills, detecting and problem solving.

Cara Riesling: Ability, magnetics and electricity. Skills, good with technology and tight spaces.

Valyria Falker: Ability, botanical growth. Skills, stealth and quick.

 "Now I'm puzzled." Said Cara, "What exactly are we doing here?"

"How many times are you people going to ask this? The answer's not going to come if you just keep repeating yourselves."

"I'm sorry." whimpered Cara.

"Whatever, I think I've found a way out of here. See that vent duct up there? If we can get off the cover, I think one of us can climb through to the other side and find exactly where we are, and get us out of here.

"A classic, but full-proof idea." Said Raygo.

"Who's going threw though?" asked Cara.

"Well, you of course Cara. The chart says your good in tight spaces."


"And with your magnetic abilities, you should be able to pull it off. Or you, Raygo, and melt them off."

"But I don't know how to use my powers!"

"Try," Commanded Alyria.

Cara extended her arm and flexed her fingers in the direction of the air vent. Raygo assumed she was concentrating hard, as she didn't speak. Finally, she sighed, "I'm sorry, I can't do it."

"Fine, Raygo, try to see if you can melt it off."

"All right." 

Raygo got of bed and walked to the air vent. He placed his palm on the cover, believing it was how he channeled his power, and concentrated.

He had to dive into the deep backwaters of his mind. He searched and searched, making sure not to get distracted with questions. He tried hard to concentrate. Just when it seemed like nothing was happening, he felt his hand to start to heat. It got hotter and hotter, until he jolted forward and found he had melted a hole through the cover.

"That was brilliant." said Cara.

"Now let me see if we can pull it off," said Valyria. They both tried, and finally, the cover popped off and rattled on the floor.

"Now get goin' Cara."

"Wait! Why me?" she cried.

"Because, like I said, the chart says you work well in tight spaces. Now get goin-"

"This is not a drill," interrupted an electronic voice, "repeat, this is not a drill. Attention citizens of Ark Space Station, scanners have detected a rouge meteorite on a collision course with the facility. Impact is imminent. There is less then 30 hours till impact. Please evacuate calmly and quickly. Escape pods are located on the top 4 decks. Extra Escape Pods are located on decks 15, 16, an 17. Please evacuate before 30 hours of impact, as all main support systems will shut down, rendering escape pods useless. This message will repeat every 30 minutes."

"Actually," Cara said, "I think I've had a change of heart."

The End

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