Computer Transmission: Impact Imminent

Ark Space Station is a refuge for limitless scientific development, a sanctuary for all varieties of life, and a pleasant retreat from the trivial troubles of Earth.
However, when impact of a rouge meteorite is imminent, the entire station is instructed to evacuate....except three unlucky test subjects. Beneath the innocent skin of the project, illegal genetic testing was being performed in the depths of the station.
They now have 30 hours to evacuate the underground lunar station before

Computer Transmission #35789, Date May 28.


This is not a Drill.

Repeat, this is not a Drill.

Attention citizens of Ark Space Station, scanners have detected a rouge meteorite on a collision course with the facility. 

Impact is imminent. There is less than 48 hours before impact. 

Please evacuate quickly and calmly. Escape Pods are located on the top 4 decks. Extra escape pods are located on Decks 15, 16, and 17.

Retrieve no possessions. As part of an emergency protocol placed within the Mechanically Operated Intelligence (M.O.I.) coding, all main power, life support, and vital systems originally implemented in Ark Space Station will shut down.

This will render escape pods powerless. This shut down will occur in 18 hours, 30 hours before Impact. Please Evacuate Before then as there is no known scientific force or method  as of date to be discovered that will have the ability to rescue you.

This message will repeat on loop every 30 minutes to remind citizens of the threat. If you wish to file a complaint, it is recommended you do so at our Headquarters on Earth as the staff in charge of running the facility will most unlikely be able to address your concerns. 

We hope you have enjoyed your stay at Ark Space Station.




The End

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