Fenris: Missing Meat

Mutt? Did that thing just call me a mutt? I snarled under my breath, before asking who she thought she was to insult me. Karim. It wasn't a bad name. It wasn't the best name I knew - that would be Fenris, obviously - but it wasn't bad. It was nice enough to let the weird creature who clearly didn't belong here be company to me. It had been so long since I'd last talked with someone.

I followed the striped animal inside the cave, my yellow eyes flashing in the darkness. I noticed the owl inside straightaway, and it brought back my hunger. It would be so easy to just pounce on the bird and kill it...

But then Karim spoke, breaking my trail of thought. She was using the exact same disrespect that she'd been using on me earlier, and unless the owl had no brains whatsoever, it would introduce itself. Especially with that grin that Karim was making. It didn't scare me, of course, but it wasn't the friendliest grin in the world.

Feeling the urge to socialise, even if it was with an unfamiliar animal with no sense of respect, I spoke.

"You're not from 'round here, are you?" I asked, confident that I was correct. After all, I was never wrong. It just never happened.

"I've lived here all my life. I know it like the back of my paw," I boasted, deciding it wouldn't hurt just to show who was boss in this cave. After being brought up in a pack where you had to seem strong or be crushed, boasting was almost a natural thing to do.

"What d'you think about that new law? No meat?" I asked. "I'd like to get my claws into who came up with that idea." I meant that. Living on plants was hardly better than starving. There was no satisfaction from tearing a leaf off its stem, whereas when you bit into a fresh carcass... heaven.

And before I could stop them, my eyes started drifitng over to the owl again...

The End

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