Karim : Present Yourself

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry!" The owl chirped iritatingly.

"Hey, anyone in there? I can smell you!" I slapped a paw over the bird's beak as he still mumbled into my paw.

"Shut up and stay here," I hissed at him, a low growl escaping at the end. He nodded and sat himself down on the ground. I turned and walked to the front of my cave and saw a grey wolf standing there, baring his canines slightly. I growled.

"What do you want mutt?"

"Who are you?"

"This is my cave, you present yourself first," I hissed at the mangy mutt and my claws extended into the dirt.

"Fenris," the wolf replied, keeping it short and simple.

"That's better, Karim," I said, giving a mischievious smile, "Now, what do you want!?"

Fenris stared at me, it was like he was looking into my soul.

"I was looking for someone, anyone really," said the wolf, his head hanging low slightly.

"Oh," I replied, "Uh, come in then why don't you?" I said. The wolf followed me into my cave where the owl still sat on the ground, preening his feathers. I growled and he looked up.

"Fenris, this is . . ." I stared at the spotted owl, realizing that he hadn't introduced himself, "present yourself or get out," I snarled, "Please." I added with a sharp toothed grin that would make even a mother run for her life.

The End

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