Fenris: Alone

I charged through the trees, feeling the satisfaction of the wind in my fur and the grass under my paws. Ever since the law had been made that all animals had to eat plants, I was no longer afraid to let all the prey around me hear. It didn't matter if I scared them all away. It was over anyway.

Panting, I drew to a halt. It wasn't the same to run alone as it was to run with all my packmates all around me. I winced as I thought about them. They'd died a while ago, but every time I thought about it, it brought pain to my heart. Wolves were supposed to live in packs, not alone. It was just as well we weren't allowed to eat meat, because it's hard hunting alone.

Of course, I could hunt alone. I'm Fenris. I was the beta wolf, dominated only by the great leader of my pack. I was respected by everyone, and I had a gorgeous mate. But now, that was all gone. Long gone. It was the start of a whole new era. At least I hadn't had to move - I'd live in this place for my whole life.

My belly growled with hunger, and I ignored it. I longed for company of some sort, even if it wasn't from my own species. Were there even any other wolves left? I scented the air, and picked up the scent trail of another animal. It smelled unfamiliar; it was probably one of the animals that had moved here.

Curiously, I followed it, finding myself standing outside a cave.

"Hey, anyone in there? I can smell you!" I barked into the darkness, and then patiently stood outside the cave mouth, awaiting a reply.

The End

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