Slick: Eesh, Preditors

   I was sleeping in a large crack in the cave when i noticed a Tiger enter a room and place a peice of plant on the floor. I felt my stomech rumble. Maybe this was a stupid idea, but i was going to attack a much larger preditor. My instincts were telling me this was a bad idea, but i swooped down and stabbed my beak into his stomach.

         "GAH" she screamed "WHOS THERE?!?"

Woops, not a good idea. I quickly flew up in fear. My wings moving faster.

"Im Sorry. Im Sorry." I hooted quickly.

The Tigress looked up at me and started growling at me.

"Listen, Listen, i was just hungry, you know how it is with the new law, Plant food only. I needed meat..." I said foolishly

The End

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