Teathis: I own these mountians.

My claws disembowl the grizzly bear and it is defeated.  I bear my teeth at it. It knew to well this is my mountian , and it should never had come , but lately foods been getting hard to get by for predators.  I bite into the grizzilies neck puncturing its esophoagus cutting off its oxygen.   I let it die honorbly and refused to eat the fellow predator.  Lately too many predators have been clambering on my mountian. None of them knew it like I did I was like a shadow of death I melted in the flora, I stalked my prey though the trees. 

I climb high into the mountian summit to gaze over the green land of dotted with blue lakes , and beatiful mountianous skylines, yes the rockies are my home, I live with the glaciers, the clouds , and the pointed peaks. I ruled them my muscular form would instantly scare any competition anyone stupid enough to face me would die. There is only one rule in the wild, Only the strongest will survive.


The End

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