Karim : Damn!

I prowled over the edge of the lake, watching the water, my tail flicking slightly behind me. A low rumble grew in my throat, but I extinguished it quickly as to not scare away my prey.

After moving to Canada, I had to make alot of changes. I mean, there's less heat, there's snow to deal with. Do you know how hard it is to try and clean a thick winter coat!? It's hard, really hard, expecially when you're not used to it. Then again, everybody had to make changes now a days, with the humans gone.

My paw lashed out into the water, claws extended and ready for catching. I swiped and lifted my paw from the water, empty.

"Damn!" I roared into the waterfall, scaring all the fish away. "DAMN!" I yelled even louder. Simply marvelous, no lunch today.

I ran from the lake, not able to look at it anymore, and back to my den, grabbing some plants on the way. Tigers weren't meant to eat plants. We are carniores, meat eaters! Damn apocalypse.

I walked around in my cave, placing my plants down before laying down.

"Gah!" I screamed, jumping up from where I was about to lay down. I sharp beak had poked my stomach. "Who's there!?" I called. I heard the flapping of wings, lightly, but I could tell the creature was close. "Show yourself!" I roared, the cave walls trembling, awaiting the reveal of my annoyance today.

The End

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