Era of the Animal

This is a Collab, Humans failed at Sustainablity and eventually they all Died out. A Great wise Owl desided that to surivive, The animal kingdom must settle on one location and all species must band together to survive extenction.

Hey :3 sorry my last collab got out of hand,  this one is about Animals :3

You HAVE To be an animal, no humans allowed!

It must be a animal that isnt Extinct Right now, as in No Dinosaurs xD

As With Supernatural High, Post your Characher in the comments. Im not setting a limet but id rather plot be devoloped by ateast  the 30th post xD

My Character!!!

Name: Slick

Race: Spotted  Owl

Personality: Shy but outgoing when he needs to be.  Enjoys glidinng over the water.

:) imma let someone  else post first chapter before we start..oh F*** forgot rules

Rules: No killing charachters off, No Humans, If you feed dont be too gory on the "rip flesh out" orta stuff animals do. Be Realistic!! Fish dont fly

This is Set in Canada,  just to keep it connected

The End

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