I woke up, scratched my head and looked at my clock. Strange. It was the first of June, exactly a year since I had been teleported to Atlantis, exactly a year since I had met my eight best friends, and Jake. Jake was my boyfriend, my soul mate, my fiancé. I stretched and checked my phone – One message – Jake.

Jake was home in England, at a prestigious boarding school. He was only allowed his phones on weekends, but the time difference made calls very hard to organise. There was a 10 hour time gap between London, England and Sydney, Australia. It was June which meant it was the Australian winter; I pulled on my school uniform and went downstairs.

“Hey Jade,” Max said coming into the kitchen,

“Sleep well?” I asked, pouring myself a bowl of cereal,

“Not really,” he croaked, “only got in at two this morning,”

“Did your gig go well?” I asked, he smiled and nodded as he put on the kettle,


“No thanks,” I said finishing off my cereal, “I’ve got to go,”

“Have fun at school,” Max called.


I had that Monday feeling. I hated Mondays, in all honesty I much preferred fighting Black Ones in Atlantis, life now just seemed boring. Apart from when I was with Jake, or my friends. I climbed into my car and set off to school, a few people in the northern hemisphere were on their summer holiday now, they had done their exams. Jake was in the middle of his, they called them AS’s in England. We were all 17 now; Ellie had had her birthday last month and she was the youngest. I pulled up into school and went to my first lesson, maths. It was then, sitting through the dullest lesson of my life, when someone knocked on the door,

“Jade, the Principle wants to see you,” he said, I stood up, followed him out the door and went down the corridor into the office.

“Ah Jade, we found this on Friday, I hear it’s yours,” the Principle handed me my ruby, which I had put onto a silver chain. “Something this precious shouldn’t be left around Jade, I don’t want to see it again,” he said holding it out to me. I smiled and reached for it, I hadn’t even noticed it was missing. Sometimes when I really missed Jake, or the other eight people, I would pick it up and put it round my neck, and lie there with it in my grasp. My hand came in contact with the silver chain,

“It won’t happen again,” I promised, I left the ruby dangling in front of me as I left the office. Out in the corridor I held the chain up and looked right into the ruby, I saw something sparkle inside and reached out to touch it. Suddenly it felt as if Luke had got hold of me and we were teleporting through the atmosphere. My hand gripped around the ruby, the feeling lasted a lot longer than usual, I had time to think about what was happening. The only rational explanation I could think of was Luke playing a prank. I was thrown down onto the ground; I hit it with a thump,

“Luke!” I growled, I opened my eyes and looked around. Luke wasn’t in sight, no one was. I gulped, where was I? All around me were mountains, right at the top of some was snow, others just green grass or trees, and some just sheer rock face. It was beautiful. I saw something move in my peripheral vision, I froze, and then relaxed, it couldn’t have been anything, it was moving too fast. I stood up and wiped off the mud and grass from my school clothes. All of a sudden a huge gust of air blew down from the sky in one place and William landed on the ground with a thud. He lay there motionless for a moment, and then he rolled over,

“Hello you,” I smiled helping him up, “Long time, no see,” I grinned.

“Where are we?” he asked looking around in awe.

“I don’t know, but wherever we are, I feel a mission coming on.”

The End

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