Pink jiggered scars ran deep down my spine as a reminder of what those Harpies did to me. I wanted revenge; I wanted pay back I didn't want to be weak anymore. If I could take Corvina on as well as the other ‘Black ones' then everything else should be a piece of cake. I sighed staring in my mirror turning to grab a white t-shirt carefully sliding it over my back. The swallow bird tattooed onto my skin caught my eye and reminded my of my dream while I was ‘out' of it.

Warm strong hands wrapped themselves around me and I lent back into them looking up to see my American boy greenly blue eyes. "I have something for you." He whispered in my ear.

"Do you now, well what would that be?" I replied using a lot of Irish twang making Luke laugh.

Luke hands slipped over my neck and I felt the sliver necklace hang from my neck once more. "Just putting that back where it belongs my love." I laughed at Luke's poor Irish-American voice.

"I'm sorry Ellie, I shouldn't have pushed you. I should have seen that you wasn't your normal self and I...I should of checked in on you more it wasn't fair specially after that night. You were right and I was wrong. Forgive me?" Luke rested his head on my shoulder, I knew that it was hard for him to open up like this but that was why I loved him.

I turned round facing Luke. "I guess we both screwed up, I'm sorry too."


"I did come up here for a reason." Luke said between kisses.

"It can wait." I replied.

"Charley wanted to be a vampire." He blurted out.

"What?" I sat up on his chest thinking have I heard this right.

"Apparently ye, the turtle dude sort of told everyone." Luke shrugged.

"Hmm, how would you feel about someone that you knew or if you knew of someone who was but you wasn't sure." I wondered thinking of my dad.

"Ellie what are you going on about because that really didn't make much sense what so ever." Luke asked puzzled as to what I was rambling on about.

"It's your dreams isn't it? That's what keeping you awake all night, that's why you froze when Charley got attacked by one. You're having nightmares about vampires?" I could pretty much see the connects in Luke's head, might as well explain the rest.

"Not vampires, just one impartially." I took a deep breath. "My dad. He's still missing and I don't think that he's ever going to come back."

We both sat there in silence, just looking into each other eyes. "You don't want him to come back do you?" Luke said searching my face for the answer.

I jumped up and went into the wardrobe grabbing my bow and arrows. "Come on, I think we should all practice with our new toys."

"Can we talk later?" Luke said taking my hand.

I nodded. "Go and see if the others want to practice, we need a plan."      


The End

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