Things were happening fast. Way too fast for me in my depressed state. I decided to make a list on a scrap piece of paper so that my thoughts were ordered and I could continue reminiscing about Rory so he couldn't truly die.

Event 1: Ellie had been brought into the house. Her wings had been torn off by Harpies. What were Harpies? Jade had stitched up her back and Alexander had given her angel wings.

Event 2: Everyone had been given weapons. I had stood in the corner of the room in silence while they had marvelled over their gifts, I hadn't wanted to be a part of it and I knew I probably wasn't receiving anything because I wasn't going to fight.

Event 3: Two Harpies had come into the house claiming to be on our side. I had been in my room so I personally hadn't seen them but I had come down to witness Marc and Jade's big fight.

So it doesn't look so much written like that. But everyone's emotions had penetrated the atmosphere, and the chaos and sense of alternating urgency and excitement had been dizzying. I didn't feel like I could keep up with life anymore. Even though I hadn't been in Rory's physical company for a long time, I had still known he was there, still been aware of his contribution to my then-wonderful life.

Currently, I was sitting in the living room with Zoey and Eoin and the apparently hypnotised Marc. Eoin seemed to own a magic turtle and at this moment he was gazing into Marc's eyes.

"Young man, do you wish to be free from the Harpies' power?" he asked in a serious voice.

"Yes," Marc said certainly.

"Then you must trust yourself and trust me. I must enter your mind and remove their poison from your mind. It will hurt and your mind will try to resist me but you must endure it if you want to have your own will again."

"I understand," Marc said. I held his hand, showing my support for him. I didn't believe he would have hit a girl in his right mind.

The turtle and Marc closed their eyes, and Marc began wincing.

"No!" he shouted. "NO!"

But he didn't open his eyes and the turtle kept working on him.

At some point, Marc fell into a deep sleep. Zoey carried him up to his room and stayed with him until he woke up.

"Thank you on his behalf," I murmured.

The turtle looked up at me.

"You are Charley?"

I nodded, startled.

"I have heard many things about you, Charley," he said gravely.

"What?" I whispered, frightened.

"That you once asked to be turned into a vampire."

How did he know that?!

I could feel everyone's gazes on me.

"You wanted to be what?!" Luke asked in disgust.

"You must decide where your allegiances lie in this battle," the turtle told me. "Sympathy for the other side might result in the failure of Good. And we all know that Good must prevail."

"I know these vampires are good," I murmured, embarrassed.

"But do you?" he asked.

Eoin carried him back to his room and returned to sit with the group.

"That was weird," Eoin said. "He's never told me about any of you before."

"Maybe he knows more than he lets on," I murmured distractedly. I was thinking about his words. 'But do you?' Of course I did. One of them attacked me. I wouldn't trust one if it

"Appeared in your room and started talking to you?"

I was startled out of my thoughts by the strange, attractive voice. I glanced up. I was now in my bedroom, deciding to have retired early (I didn't have much energy to do anything but eat and sleep at the moment). There, perched upon my windowsill was a young guy with blonde/ brown hair and deep blue eyes.

I gulped. "Who are you?"

"That doesn't matter, Charley, darling," he said. "You've had a long day. Let me help you sleep."

I tried to cry out "No!" but my eyes had already shut and my thoughts stopped a second later.

The End

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