"Out with it, Ellie," I said appearing in front of her suddenly, my eyes fixed on hers.

"More like you," she snapped putting her hands on her hips.

"Oh no you don't," I replied, ignoring her attempt to deflect me, "What's with your dreams, or nightmares?" Ellie gasped and I continued, "Oh yes, I heard you last night; remember my room's next door to yours? What is it, Ellie? You can tell me, why are you off with me today?" I grabbed her hands but she jerked them away.

"Why did you leave without saying goodbye?" she demanded, "We were so close that night, Luke, closer than ever before and you just left. Do you know how that made me feel? Not even a note on your pillow, nothing!

“Ellie, we went through this,” I retorted, “I had to leave my home.”

“Then what was wrong with my home?” she practically growled back.

“I couldn’t, Ellie,” I looked away but she wasn’t finished with me.

“Out with it, Luke.”

“Not now,” I sighed.

“Yes, now, Luke,” she insisted relentlessly, “You really don't know how much I wished you were with me. Vanessa even was worried about you. You know, your older sister?" My face must have betrayed some sort of response because she sounded even more hysterical and built up. "Msn, texting, you know, the full works asking if I had seen you around. Silly me thought nothing of it at the time. I thought she was at college or something and wanted to check on her little brother."

"I checked on her," I shrugged my shoulder.

"But not me," Ellie’s voice was cold and flat. She unclipped the sliver heart necklace I had given her and held it out to me. "You can't trust me. You don't care about me. You don't love me."

Didn’t love her? Was she insane? If I wasn’t so stunned I might have become equally as angry and irrational as she was being.

"Ellie what are you-”

"If you trusted me, then you would've told me everything. If you cared then you would've kept in touch or stayed with me. I'm not even going to say the last part. I can't keep this anymore." She shook the necklace slightly, so I knew what she was referring to, "Anything to add?"
She wouldn’t even look at me.

"Hey, come on you two, the winners are about to be announced," Zoey came running into the kitchen.

"Don't worry, we're done," Ellie beat me to the punch, her voice full of fury and I watched as she stormed out of the kitchen, throwing the necklace to the ground. I saw her wings appear on her back.

Zoey gave me a look but I didn’t meet her eyes. I silently, numbly, picked up the necklace and put it into my pocket.

“I’m not coming,” I said emptily, “You can tell me later.” Zoey nodded, she and Marc had had their own problems so she understood. She left me alone and as I stood in solitude I felt my own suppressed anger build. Wasn’t it fair that I’d kept my own things from her while she kept hers from me? Had I snapped at her unreasonably when frustrated she hadn’t confided in me?

I decided to follow her outside and talk rationally about everything there was between us.

I ran outside and scanned the sky but what I saw made my heart stop. Ellie was falling from over a hundred metres in the air and even from this distance I could see the two serious wounds on her back.

My anger vanished and panic and terror replaced it. I began to sprint in the direction she was falling. Trust me, I’ve never moved so fast.

She hit water and I sped up even more not even stopping to think as I dived in after her. Adrenaline gave me strength and I pulled her out quickly. I ignored the water and blood and examined the small, pale person in my arms. She looked dead.

, I thought then shouted as loud as I could, “SOMEONE! QUICK! HELP!”

The next events passed in a blur. Thank God for Jade, she gave me tasks and kept me working while getting everyone to do what they could for Ellie. I couldn’t stop glancing at my Irish Pixie. The only colour I could see was the redness of the endless stream of blood. I’ve never felt so useless.

Finally, when her back was stitched up and there was nothing more to be done, the others left me to sit alone with her.

I don’t think I blinked all the while I sat there, holding her hand and staring at her face, so the second her eyes fluttered I saw it.

“Ellie, you’re awake,” I breathed and she smiled, slightly, in my direction.

"Ugh. Do you know how unhygienic it is to lie on a table, other than the fact that I'm bleeding and another thing-” she started to say but I kissed her cutting her off.

"Don't you dare ever do that again Ellie, do you hear me? I do not want to go through that again," I chastened her teasingly but there was still tension and worry in my voice.

"It's always about you, you, you isn't it. Can't I have a moment of attention for one minute?" she smiled so I knew she was teasing me right back.

"That was a one minute too long for me," I murmured. She reached out and took my hand and squeezed it.

"I'm sorry. I won't do it ever again my American boy."

"Better not my Irish Pixie."


Luke, with your ability of teleportation you can quickly get behind enemy lines and get out again without being caught. I tried to think of a weapon that would be of use to you in that instance and came up with this. This belt has a highly explosive bomb attached to it, every time you use it another will appear so you shall not run out. Only you can detach the bombs from the belt so it cannot be used against you or your friends. There is a three second delay after you have dropped it and a range of five metres in all directions. Be careful with them, Amelia.

Cool, I thought and hastily put the belt on examining it. I’d found the time to accept my weapon just before the two strangers arrived. Lola and Michael they said their names were.

Marc started to question them tersely but abruptly stopped and offered the girl – Lola – some fruit. She began to make an apple float towards her.

“Cool,” I said. Hey, I didn’t trust them but an awesome power is an awesome power and I have to appreciate that.

Jade and Marc left the room and a few minutes later there were loud voices. Jake and Zoey ran outside while the rest of us went to the window. Marc and Jade were fighting – fighting! – then Jake and Zoey joined in. I grabbed William and teleported us outside, too. William manipulated air to throw them apart. Marc staggered to his feet again and put his hands up in a sign of surrender.

“WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING?” Ben shouted at him.

“She started it,” Marc muttered – the standard response.

“SHE’S A GIRL, HALF YOUR SIZE!” William chipped in.

“Whoa, guys, chill, no harm, no foul,” Marc replied hastily. Lola cackled from behind us.

"She hypnotized Marc!" Jade cried, "Don't turn on Marc, it's HER!"

Wasn’t that great?

The End

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