I sat down on the settee and glared at Marc. I didn't trust him. I don't care whose fault it was - his or the harpies - but he was a danger to the group. And I ... I did not trust him. 

There were scrape marks up Jades legs, from where she had fell after Marc dropped her. He would pay for that. I couldn't even believe that he was still in this room with us. 

"We should lock him up." I said quietly. I don't know if everyone heard me, but they ignored me. Jade threw me a look as if to say 'shut up'. But hey, he could hurt someone else!

I wanted to jump up and tear his face of. I wanted to dig my claws into him so deeply, that it was scaring me. But he had hurt Jade. Physically hurt her. 

"So, we need to figure out a way to help Marc," William said eventually, breaking the tense silence.

"But what can we do? We don't know anything about the Harpies," Lucinda stated. We could throw him in the lake and tie an anchor to him first. Of course I didn't say this. I didn't think the others would take to that idea too kindly. 

"Maybe someone else could help us?" Ben asked, looking at us individually. No one voiced an opinion though till-

"I think I might know someone..." Eoin said, shocking everyone. Who did he know? Hopefully someone who would take Marc far, far away. 

He mentioned something about a turtle, but to be honest, I wasn't paying attention. I was keeping all my attention on Marc. One wrong move and I would pounce. 

But then I turned away as everyone gasped. A large turtle dressed in grand armour had crawled into the room. He smiled at us all, and I felt a lot calmer all of a sudden.

"Which one of you was effected by the Harpies?" He asked. Everyone looked back at Marc.

"I see." The turtle muttered. "Come here, child" 

Marc stood up, and I stood up with him. He glared at me, but I didn't move as he walked over to the turtle. I could feel Jade's annoyed glare behind me, but I didn't care. With us all sat down, he was at an advantage to attack.

"Let me look into your eyes." The turtle said, in a deep, wise voice. Marc knelt and stared the turtle in the eye. It wasn't half a weird sight.

"Just as I thought." the turtle almost whispered.

"Can you help him?" Zoey asked nervously. 

"I can child. I can." He said, and everyone breathed a sigh of relief. I sat back down and snuggled to Jade.

"I thought you'd got over me and Marc." She said, quietly so none of the others could hear. 

"I have." I muttered, turning away.

"Don't be a Moran Jake. I can see it a mile off. What happened to the talent show building bridges?" She said, placing her hand in mine.

"What happened to Marc throwing you round like a rag doll." I snapped. 

She stared at me, pursing her lips. "You know he was being controlled then." 

I turn to face her. "I'm sorry." I whispered. She smiled, and gave me a small kiss on the lips. I turned back to face the turtle and Marc. How he was going to help him, I didn't know.


The End

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