I headed over to the package box, curious to see what my weapon would be. With my power (still trying to actually get over the fact I HAD a power) I wondered what power would benefit me in battle, and not hinder me.

After everyone had gathered their gifts, I took mine from the bottom and headed into the garden to open it in the sunshine.

Once seated, I took the note from the top, and began to read,

"Your gift was rather difficult to come up with Eoin. Your power makes it so that weapons may be a hindrance to you, however I think I've come up with something that you might find very helpful. Put your jewel in and marvel. Use well, and good luck! -Amelia"

I set the note down beside me carefully, and took up the small package that had been set on my lap. I tore at the brown packaging and out fell a small dagger. It glinted in the light, causing my to blink before fully looking it over. The edges were sharp, too sharp to be able to be carried without a sheath-which was right under it in the package. It was about eight inches long, and very deadly looking. The hilt was gold, and had a small cut out where my gem would fit. A slim strand of silver also curled around, making it look like a dagger forged for the most important of people. Small words in a foreign language also were graved into the silver wrap, and I was determined to find out what they meant. However, before going to seek out someone who would know, I headed to my room to take out my jewel and insert it into the slot, interested to see what would happen.

I scrambled over my bed, which was made by someone other than me, and clutched the beautiful gem that lay on the table beside.

Carefully, like handling poison, I put the Torlaq into the hole, and marveled. The stone shone for a few seconds, then diminished until it looked normal again. The gem mixed with the gold and silver hilt made the dagger look stunning, yet it appeared no more special than a normal dagger.

After placing it into it's sheath, I decided to try and 'melt' through the floor to get to the bottom. After a few tries, I got down, and thankfully no one was there for if they had seen a pair of legs dangling form the ceiling, I think they might have been worried to say the least. I grinned at the image. I then realized that the dagger had come with me, that was neat. I decided to try just going flat onto the ground without going through it. It came with me again! Apparently it could change take shape along with me, that was cool!!!!!

Shouts came from outside, and I ran out to see two beautiful creatures take off, and Marc apologize to Jade. I quickly hurried over to see what was going on, and caught a slight swell in Jade's leg. I was about to say something when Ben leaned over and quietly filled me in so as not to draw anyone's attention.

Once he finished, I was quite shocked and a little scared, who were these Harpies that could just come in here, and what had they done to Marc?!

We all headed inside and sat on the couches in the living room area. Everyone was paired up with their partner, and Charley, Zoey and I sat across from Marc.

Marc's face looked positively miserable, and Zoey's wasn't much different. Jake looked furious, and shot looks of disdain Marc's way when he was busy making Jade comfortable.

"So, we need to figure out a way to help Marc," William began, projecting a firm voice.

"But what can we do, we don't know anything about the Harpies," Lucinda said, touching his arm the was wrapped around her shoulders.

Ellie shuddered, and buried her head into Luke's chest. I didn't blame her, with her experience, I don't think she'd want to face the Harpies anytime soon if ever.

"Maybe someone else could help us?" Ben asked, looking at us all for any ideas.

"I think I might know someone..." I trailed, thinking of Herbert who seemed to know everything about our adversaries.

I explained about Herbert the Turtle, and told them to wait here while I went and got him. When I explained to Herbert the situation, he immediately walked, or crawled, or however turtles move, up the stairs and into eh living room where everyone was.

A few of them jumped, a large turtle with armour on did look kind of strange. But from the look of superiority and wisdom, I think they calmed.

"Which one of you was effected by the Harpies?"Herbert asked.


The End

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