I looked up from showing the girls my map to see another two people; I folded my map away and continued to stare at them. Were they good? I couldn't tell, something about their eyes made me wary, the girl smiled at me, I didn't smile back.

"Who are you?" Jade demanded walking forward, you wouldn't be able to tell that Jade didn't have an attacking power - she was so brave, despite the fact she would be mince meat if they tried anything - she was no immortal Ben.

"My name's Lola," she said, "This is Michael," Michael nodded,

"Sup?" they both had distinct American accents,

"What are you doing here?" Jade asked, our group had joined into a clump behind Jade, we were ready for anything.

"We're here to help you fight," Lola replied, I raised an eyebrow,

"Who sent you?" I questioned stepping forward,

"Ermm..." Michael looked at Lola, "Greg?" he asked as if he were unsure,

"Greg?" I repeated,

"The centaur,"

"I know who Greg is, why did he send you?" I asked, they seemed nice but we were still interrogating them, but there was something about them I didn't trust.  

"Because he said you needed help, there's like a billion of them and what? Ten of you,"

"There's twelve of us, plus Alexander and where is Greg?" I asked looking round, he had eaten his meal with us,

Lola looked into my eyes, they were so compelling, she then spoke, "He came to get us," her voice was strangely calming and I immediately trusted her,

"Oh right," I said, I couldn't take my eyes off hers, suddenly she broke the stare and I was left feeling slightly dizzy. "Food?" I offered them the fruit bowl, Michael shook his head but Lola reached out, I offered the bowl to her hand but before she made contact with the apple it began to float out of the bowl and towards her hand.

"Cool!" Luke smiled,

"I can do it with anything, no matter the size!" Lola grinned, I smiled with her, Zoey came to my side and folded her arms,

"Marc!" she snapped, I stopped looking at Lola,

"Yeah?" my voice saturated with amazement,

"Your girlfriend is right here," she pointed at herself, "Stop drooling over her," she gestured her head to Lola, I pulled an apologetic face,

"Sorry... I love you," I amended. Lola and Michael followed half the group to the lounge, Zoey followed still angry, Jade came up to me,

"Marc?" she whispered,

"What?" I asked,

"Follow me," she said looking around as if someone was listening, she led me outside, she put her lips to my ear. "There's something fishy about them," she began,

"I think they're great!" I told her,

"Oh of course you do! That beautiful Lola looked you in the eye...!" Jade trailed off, "She looked you in the eye!" she repeated,

"What are you talking about?" I snapped,

"Well at first you were as wary as me of them, then she looked at you with those blue, blue eyes and suddenly you're all for them!"

"So?" I asked,

"She hypnotized you!"

"Jade!" I scoffed, "That's so ridiculous!" I began to laugh,

"It's not though is it?" she began, "Because don't they remind you of something?" she asked, I stopped laughing and looked at her,


"The Harpies!" she exclaimed,

"Oh yeah, these two good people have walked in... but oh no, they haven't come to help, they're bad through and through! They're the Harpies... but you're forgetting something, Jade, the Harpies had wings and were half bird!" I told her, she shoved me away,

"Fine, don't believe me!" she yelled, I shoved her back, she was being ridiculous, "Hey!" she shouted, I shrugged,


"Don't you shove me!" she punched my arm, it hurt pretty hard for a girl, I narrowed my eyes and swung at her shoulder, my fist made contact with it and she went falling back. Once on the floor she got up again rubbing her shoulder, suddenly she charged at me and punched me right in the nose, my head flew back and I immediately felt blood trickle out. Whilst I was wiping my nose, she kicked me in the crotch; I groaned and fell to the floor - that hurt. I bit my teeth together and got up, ‘Ignore the pain' I said to myself. I let out a sharp breath and took Jade's leg, I began to swing her round, suddenly there was a roar and I turned to see a cheetah running towards me,

"Stop!" Jake roared, I let go and Jade went colliding into the ground, I brought up my fists to fight Jake, suddenly Jake stopped bounding towards me and he growled. Zoey had his tail and was holding him back, she picked him up and threw him down, I smiled,

"Good one Zoey!" I exclaimed, she didn't smile back, Jake got up and began to run at me again, Zoey was too far away to stop him, William appeared with Luke and suddenly blew two wind fields at us and I went hurtling backwards, the air blew me so far away that by the time I was fully aware of what was happening the group had met in the middle. I got up and slowly made my way towards them, my hands in the air in surrender. I met the rest of them, Jade was sat on the floor with Jake's arms round her, she looked hurt,

"WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING!?" Ben yelled, I was taken aback, I was defending myself,

"She started it," I mumbled,

"SHE'S A GIRL, HALF YOUR SIZE!" William shouted at me, I put my hands back up again,

"Whoa, chill guys!" I said, "No harm, no foul!" There was a cackle from behind the group and Lola stepped through,

"She hypnotized Marc!" Jade cried, "Don't turn on Marc, it's HER!" Jade called, her voice quiet compared to Williams' and Ben's. William looked at Lola,

"I didn't trust you either!" he said grabbing her arms, I watched as William, Ben and Lola brawled. Zoey already had a hold of Michael,

"Where did you come from?" Eve asked,

"We're from The Black Valley, I hope you enjoy dealing with him, because now he's with us!" Michael smiled, he suddenly threw Zoey to the ground and burst into a Harpy, Jade had been right! I watched as he flew into the air and screeched, I covered my ears as Lola flew into the air and they descended towards Black Valley. Jake got up and walked to me,

"If you dare touch my girlfriends again..." he began, "you're dead!" I narrowed my eyes,

"I've always hated you Jake, but this just tipped the scale!" Jake began to tremble, he was about to turn into something, suddenly Zoey yelled,

"STOP!" she came towards me, "We have to do something, he's under their influence, nothing he says is actually him. Please listen to me; we've got to help Marc,"

"Despite the fact he hit a girl," Jade said getting up at limping towards me, "I'm with Zoey, we've got to help him!" I looked at the group, I felt no different, but I knew there was something inside of me which didn't belong, and I wanted to be accepted back into the group, I nodded.

"Thanks Jade... Sorry. Just make me normal old Marc again, none of this violent stuff!" I told them as I surrendered my body to the good side.


The End

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