"Hey William, what do you have?" Jade called to me.

"I don't know yet!" I called back, my package was still laying next to me unopened...I had gotten distracted by taking Ellie's place as dishwasher. I carefully placed the last dish on the drying rack and returned my attention to the box. I opened it and found a deep blue neck chain with a slot in it where a gemstone would normally be. Since when did a necklace qualify as a weapon?

William...with your wind ability you are able to stay out of harms way and therefore don't really need another weapon or protection. You gave me a lot of trouble as to what I should give you but finally I have decided. I know how much you hate having to see Lucinda in such danger...so here is your solution: if you combine your diamond with this necklace you will be the healer, no matter what state a member of the group is in, if they are alive, you can heal them...just remember that it can easily tire you out...use it wisely.

I grinned, now I would never have to worry about Lucy again! I could almost leap for joy. I hated watching her as she fought, wondering whether she would survive this fight or not. Especially now with these hoards of evil creatures of all shapes and sizes surrounding us. Now I would be able to help her if she got hurt...I wouldn't be as helpless as the time she was hit with the fireball...

"I got a new power!" I grinned at Jade. 

"Really?" she asked incredulously.

"Yeah!" I said, holding up my blue chain, "I'm the medic!" 

Jade grinned and opened her mouth as if to say something but before she could the door opened and a two strangers walked in. One was a very good-looking guy with deep, hazel eyes and stylishly messy brown hair. Another was a absolutely gorgeous girl with long black hair who's fringes had been dyed powder blue. Her eyes were a startling electric blue that was almost the same as her hair and she had a smallish face with features that seemed to fit together perfectly. 

"Hey, were here now to complete the group." the guy informed us all. 

The girl grinned and I saw something glint in her eye. What were these people...we had had so many people join already...and there was something about these people. They were too...perfect...everyone seemed to react enthusiastically however, so I held my tongue. Maybe I was just clinging to the old group to much...

The End

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