I waited until the rest had taken their weapons and then gingerly went to get mine, it was in the bottom of the box, I reached in and fished it out. I took it outside and sat on the grass against the wall, I looked at the tag,

"Jade, super-sense Jade. This was the hardest one for me, are you a fighter? Are you a backliner? You have got a fighting spirit but you'll be better use back with Marc. He's now got a weapon which means he can communicate with the team, telling them the battle plan as the fight happens. You on the other hand have this... it's called a blocker. Using the map which Marc has you'll be able to place these blockers. Whether they come in the form of fire, ice, ditches, water or mountains, you'll be able to block the pathway of the evil side as they come. Make sure you have a healthy relationship with Marc because as backliners you'll need to be able to communicate quickly and effectively."

I sighed, a blocker? It was lame. I wanted to fight; I'd never got the chance to fight because I was always on the back line. Why didn't I get to fight, when someone like Lucinda hated it? I wish I could swap powers with someone, I sighed, better go find Marc. I didn't need to he was already coming outside,

"Marc read this," I said handing him Amelia's note, he quickly read it,

"Cool, we can work together!" he enthused,

"Yay!" I cried sarcastically,

"We need a healthy relationship," Marc said pointing at the note, "be nice," he grinned. "Wanna try out your blocker using my map?" he asked,

"Sure," I shrugged, Marc unfolded the map and laid it out on the grass, before allowing me to even touch it he stopped me,

"We don't want you blowing up the house, but we want to see the blocking damage you can cause," he told me, "see that mountain range over there?" he pointed,

"Dude, I'm the one with the senses, of course I can see it," I said, I was still sour with my weapon,

"Okay..." Marc said in a voice he'd use talking to a mad person,

"How do I do it?" I asked, Marc smiled,

"Wait," he put his hands on the map and it became 3D, "Cool isn't it?" he asked,


"Use your fingernail and draw a line over the mountain range here," he took my hand and held it above the mountains, "and think ditch," he said, I obeyed and scrawled my finger over the mini mountain range in front of me as I watched the mountains in the distance, my finger pushed into the mountains and they began to shrink. I looked at the map to see a ridge I'd made in the mountains, I used my hands and flattened them out, I glanced back up and the mountains had gone.

"That... Is... So... Cool!" Marc cried, I grinned, he was right, it was kinda cool. The map didn't feel like paper but instead putty or play-dough. I began to mould a little hill on the lawn where the house was, and sure enough as I looked up there was a little mound in front of me,

"Jade, you're like a giant who can mould the landscape!" Marc cried, I tried not to grin,

"I could flatten you if I wanted," I told him, "now you've got to be nice," I used the putty-like map thing to build the mountains up again; I created a ring of fire around the mound and filled the pond with ice.

"Okay, that's enough," Marc said pushing my hand away, "It's my map," he told me, making it 2D and then folding it away.

"Did you like my ring of fire I made?" I asked pointing at the fire ahead,

"It's very artistic," Marc told me getting up,

"I wonder how long it will last..." I muttered going back inside; looking at everyone's faces their gifts were also cool. Jake came to me and put his arm around me,

"I have a present for you," he whispered,

"Ooo what?" I asked,

"Here, it's to keep you safe," he handed me a heavy piece of metal, I lifted it up with a little difficulty and mashed my eyebrows together,

"What is it?"

"Chain armour," he told me,

"Gee thanks, but I'm a back liner, you keep it, I don't need it," Jake smiled and sighed,

"It's only useful when I'm human," I took his hand, "Hey, what's your gift?" he asked,

"Look!" I pointed out the window at the ring of fire,

"What is that?" he asked,

"I can mould the landscape, and so I can block off the enemy advances," I explained,

"Okay, create another line of fire," Jake tested,

"I need Marc's map to do it," I sighed,

"Ooo a team effort. I'm not sure how much I like that," he said glancing at Marc, who was showing the map to the other girls,

"Oh get over him Jake, he's nothing compared to you," I told him, Jake smiled,

"I love you," he said kissing my lips softly; I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer. His tongue traced my lips making me lightheaded and his arms wound around my back.

"Get a room," Luke said,

"I already have a room," Jake told him,

"Well then use it!" he retorted, I grinned and pulled away,

"I want to know what everyone else has. Hey William, what do you have?" I asked walking up to him.


The End

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