Everyone dived into the box after Marc, pulling out all sort of weird shaped packages. It seemed most people were reluctant to open them in front of each other though. Marc drifted of to a corner, and the everyone else followed suit. 

I grabbed mine and went to sit at the table. There was a small note stuck to the top and I read that first. 

I struggled finding you a suitable gift, Jake, as what else could you possible need when you have home-made weapons in the form of claws and teeth? Without a doubt you are one of the strongest fighters and that is why you will have an important role in this war along side with Ben. And that's when a thought came to me. I'm sure you will make good use of this gift as it may just safe your life - Amelia. 

I raised my eyebrows. Curiosity took over, and I hungrily ripped apart the package. As I did, something slithery and cold fell out onto the table. I stared in amazement. Armour. 

It was beautiful. Only the nimblest of fingers could have possible made it, as for the most part there were millions of minuscule rings, all twisted together to form one of the hardest materials. Yet when I stroked it with my hand it was smooth as silk. The icy grey colour reflected the light of it perfectly, and on each ring was carved different lines in Latin. I wish I could have understood them. 

The only thing was, was that it was human shape. For someone else that wouldn't hold a problem, but especially in battle, I changed shape all the time. I had to be flexible turning into the best animal for the situation. In the armour, I'd be forced to stay human the whole time. 

It seemed a shame that the dazzling gift was such a waste. Ah well. I suppose Jade could always wear it ...

 I wrapped it back up, and took it up to my room. Then I went to investigate the other gangs gifts. 


The End

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