I sit outside, staring into space.

"What are you doing out here, Eve?"

I recognize the voice but I can't connect it to the owner. God, I'm so tired. It's probably just Ben.

"I feel left out because everyone's making such a fuss over Ellie. Not that I want Ellie to be injured, no way, but I still feel a bit ignored."

"And how do you fix that, Eve?"

"How am I supposed to know? I'm not a healer or creator, I'm just the runner."

"And how do you change that, Eve?"

Okay. Ben is acting really really weird now, and these questions are starting to annoy me. I turn round, saying: "Ben, quit acting so we-"

And I stop mid sentence.

Because she's there.

Sitting on wall not five metres away.

It's her.


Her lips are curled into a cruel sneer as she stands up and walks towards me. I back away before her gravity can get a hold on me but it's no use, I'm already slowing down.

"You're dead," I say. "You can't be here! YOU'RE DEAD!"

"And yet I'm here. Now, Miss Eve Eden, I'm incredibly annoyed at your killing me last year. It really was unpleasant. And I think that deserves a conseque-"

I jolted awake with a start. How did I manage to fall asleep outside?

"It's alright, Eve, it was just a dream, it's not real, just a dream," I said to myself, trying to calm my screaming brain down.

"Nightmare, I'd say," said a voice by my ear.

And with a sense of deja vu I turned round.

And it was no longer just a dream-

Because my semitransparent nemesis was standing behind me with that same cold smile on her face.

I ran.

She didn't try to stop me.

"BEN!" I yelled, sprinting at high speed round the house to find him.

"What's wrong?" he said, after I'd slammed into him without meaning to.

"Outside... Her.."



He gave me an odd look. "Eve, Atlantis is dead. We killed her."

"I know, but I swear to God that she's out there."

He sighed. "Fine, I'll go look. Go calm down. Seriously."

I blurred up to my room, where I found an odd surprise waiting for me.

"What the..." I muttered, turning two daggers, complete with intricately patterned sheaths, lying on my bed.

I saw a note lying beside them.


Two blades travelling at high speed can cause a lot of damage. Use them well in the fight.


Hope this is okay! Eve and Sapph x

The End

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