Ellie~ Angel Kiss


"...She's going to die... She won't be able to fly..."

I felt numb, cold and almost in reach of death itself. Voices were muffled even the pain was slowly disappearing and my heart was slipping away with every beat...


"Pixie Ellie, what have I told you about always being prepared? Never forget your mobile, remember to have at least some money for a taxi and always carry a weapon on you."

I opened my eyes and found myself on a bed with white sheets. The sun drifted through the open window and a woman with curly blonde hair was sitting besides me wearing all white.

Am I dead? I thought who was this woman? This woman with deep brown eyes, a childlike face and with a soft gentle voice.

She smiled as she said,"You are not dead daughter of the sky, but you cannot stay here as you have to go back and help your friends."

"I can't I'm useless to them now."

"No. I know you Pixie Ellie, you're not thinking are you?"

"I have no wings! They ripped them away the one thing that I valued the most!" Tears slowly fell from my eyes.

"Look deeper within yourself. You may have the power of flight but, you value something more than your wings don't you?" She asked locking eyes with me. "How about I lend you something and once you have found the answer out then you will have your own power back."

I blinked confused by her words. "I. I don't understand."

"Angel wings Pixie Ellie will give you flight and speed. But your wings give you protection and more power. Find what you value the most and you shall have your own wings back."

Then the woman leant forward and kissed me lightly on my lips. "Look within yourself Pixie Ellie..."


Everything felt too dark compared to the light in my dream. Dream? Was it a dream? I felt too real to be a dream. I blinked my eyes open and found that I was lying on my front my back feeling heavy.

"Ellie?" A voice gasped close to my ear I turned to smile at the voice. "You're awake."

"Ugh. Do you know how unhygienic it is to lie on a table, other then the fact that I'm bleeding and another thing-

Luke's lips touched mine stopping me from talking and breathing. For that one moment everything was ok again between us.

"Don't you dare ever do that again Ellie, do you hear me? I do not want to go through that again." I could see the pain in Luke's eyes, hear the worry in his voice and feel the tension radiating off his body.  

"It's always about you, you, you isn't it. Can't I have a moment of attention for one minute?" I smiled.

"That was a one minute too long for me." I reached out and took his hand and squeezed it.

"I'm sorry. I won't do it ever again my American boy."

"Better not my Irish Pixie."


Alexander came in the dinning room, I told Luke to leave me which took some convincing but he agreed.

"Angel wings." I blurted out suddenly remembering my dream.

"Jade, Zoey, Ben and Eoin did a good job of stitching you up. You got some good friends here Ellie, remember that." Alexander began undoing the bandages running his fingers along my back.

"It wasn't a dream." It wasn't a question but he answered it anyway.

"A message that is all that I can say."

"I can't keep them."

"Just until you find your own." Alexander said before something warm snapped around my body and my back tingled as something replaced the deep scars.   


I stayed where I was sitting at the table as everyone attacked the box looking for their names on their personal weapons. The angel wings felt strange on my back but fitted me like a glove. I started to clear the plates away when someone grabbed the wash cloth before me.

"What have you been told?" William asked looking down at me.

"That tomorrow we're going to fight." I shrugged but William narrowed his eyes. "Erm."

"That you're taking it easy, which means no dishes for you or anything else. So drop the wash cloth." William tugged it out my hand and winked at me.

"Hey Lucinda I didn't know how demanding William could be." I looked to Lucinda who was busy reading her note, she looked up looking confused and then she understood.

"He has his moments." We laughed and I walked up to my room finding the archers bow and arrows suddenly seeing the writing along the bow.

                                     ‘Arrows that have being kissed

                                    by Angels do not easily miss...

                                   They seek for the darkness of

                                   the heart and kill the evil that lies


                                   Use them well Daughter of the Sky'

The End

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