I got to the loft just as Charley charged up, tears streaming down her face and air being heaved in and out of her chest. I ascended the ladder, hoping I would be able to somehow comfort her. I viewed Charley as a sister, maybe because of the whole Marc/court thing, maybe because Rory wasn't here to watch out for her, or maybe because we were the newbies. Whatever it was, I just wanted to be sure she was okay.

I got up, and she was huddles in a corner, right beside a window that let in shafts of light. I went to sit beside, and heard her groan the words "Rory... Rory.. why? Gone, no! Dead, no!" and some others not worth repeating. I was shocked, how was Rory dead?!

I immediately knelt down and put my arm around her shoulder in comfort. She leaned into my chest and just kept sobbing and crying. I placed my other arm around her and just rocked her back in forth, in hopes she would feel slightly more comforted, if that was possible.

I tried talking to her, but it was no use, so I just rocked her and stroked her hair- something my mom had told me helped people when they were upset. We stayed like that for a while, voices coming from downstairs, but no serious noise.

After a few minutes, Marc came up, his face looked like in was conflicting anger and sorrow. I felt sorry for him really, seemed like he was in a tough spot.

He came up and saw that I was with Charley, and that she had finally quieted into a light and fitful sleep. I gestured for him to come over and to keep quiet.

Slowly and carefully he made his way over to us. He sat beside me and looked Charley over with deep sorrow in his eyes, sorrow and anger conflicting.

"Wanna talk?" I asked him. He seemed in need of someone to talk to, and I was going no where.

"I..." was all he managed, his face fell into his hands and didn't come up for a while.

"You know, I know Someone who can help you, far more than I can," I started, hoping now was a good time to tell Marc about the best thing he would here in his entire life.

"A shrink?" he asked darkly.

"No, Someone who loves and cares about you, who you can talk to and love back. He actually loves you so much, that he died for you." I told him, and that grabbed his attention.

"Doesn't sound like much help if he's dead," he sniffed.

"True that," I grinned, "but Death could not conquer Him, and he rose again and lives in Heaven now."

Marc was about to interject, but I was on a roll and would not stop.

"The reason he came down from his throne, was to save us, save us from sin. You see, he made us, the earth, sky, humans, the whole deal. He did that, and we were perfect. However, we then sinned, and our punishment is death, because God is perfect he cannot be with sin. This is why sacrifices used to be offered, they was God's way of letting the people get rid of the sin they had and so they could be with Him in heaven when they died. Sin is all the wrong things we do and think, not just murder, but also cheating, white lies, thinking bad thoughts against others, everything not pure or holy. Now, when Jesus came down to earth, his purpose was to teach people and to die for them. In dying, he became to ultimate sacrifice, so that ALL of our sins can be taken away by just believing in Him!" I finished, jerking my hands up so show the immensity of it. I really hoped that Marc would want to know more, but a shriek form downstairs prevented either of us form talking until later.

Marc ran downstairs, and I gently put Charley's head against a couch cushion and sprinted downstairs.

The sight before me was horrendous, Ellie lay covered in blood, nearly dead. How could this happen?!!?! Jade was stitching her up, but then fainted. Luke was outside, apparently too appalled to be in the room, and frankly, I didn't blame him.

Lucinda carried Jade out, and Ben carried on with the stitching, finishing the first gap in Ellie's back.

He then asked someone else to do the second one, unable to continue on without risk of being too unsteady. Lucinda cleaned the wound some as Ben left, leaving the needle threaded and ready for the next person.

I looked about, and almost no one was there, and those who were there did not look like they were able to take the needle. And, being the only guy remaining, I felt obliged to carry out what Jade and Ben had started. So,I went over, sat down, and stitched up Ellie's second gap.

The blood wasn't gushing anymore, mostly because it was stitched. However, the thread looked dangerously thin, and I asked Lucinda to get some more bandages, and duct tape. And once she returned, I asked Zoey, because I was too shaky, to place three thin paces of the tape on the wound, so that the thread would have some more support, and once that was on I asked her to place more bandages over the wounds and lay the sheet over her back to give her more privacy.

Right as Zoey finished Jade and Marc rushed in.


The End

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