I almost ran back inside back to the others,

"Harpies!" I cried out of breath, "Just...came to warn us... they're going to attack!" Ben came immediately to my side,

"When?" he asked,

"I don't know," Jade said coming in, "But we have to be ready." She paused to peer at Ellie, "How is she?"

"She's alive," Luke said, he was calmer now, "just," he added,

"Sorry for bailing," Jade apologized,

"It's alright," Jake said to her, he came and kissed her quickly, "It was all a bit much,"

"Guys, we have a bigger issue on our hands," Eve muttered,

"What could be bigger than the almost death of Ellie?" Luke demanded,

"Look." Eve pointed out the large glass wall, a huge bright white light filled the skies and we all had to look away. It was so glorious and blinding that whatever it was, couldn't be bad. I looked back when the light had dimmed and a smile brimmed across my face,

"Greg!" I called and ran to the window, jumping through the door and towards the centaur I had befriended,

"Marc, my friend," he greeted me and shook my hand,

"What are you doing here?" I asked, Greg smiled,

"Did you like my entrance?"

"Very snazzy," Jade said coming towards us, followed by Jake, Ben, Eve and Charley,

"I am here to warn you,"

"Not again!" I groaned,

"They are coming," Greg said sadly,

"Now?" Jake asked,

"No, tomorrow - at midnight," he said,

"Will you help?" Eve asked,

"We will try,"

"How many?" Ben asked,

"Enough," Greg replied, "you should receive weapons, and my good friend Amelia will teach you how to use them tomorrow,"

"She's a girl," I stated,

"And she could kill you in a second," Greg smiled gently at me, "she's had a lot of practise,"

"Would you like some food?" Jade asked,

"Who's cooking now Ellie is ill?"

"Zoey," I smiled and headed back to my princess. She was busy boiling vegetables on the stove; I kissed her cheek and put my arm around her,

"I love you," I told her, she smiled and hit me with a tea towel,

"Move big guy, I need to get the plates out,"

"I'll get them for you," I said taking out fifteen plates, "Greg, how do you eat?" I asked,

"I have hands don't I? And a mouth last time I checked," he smiled at me; I went to check on Ellie. As I stepped into the dinning room Ellie was standing next to Alexander smiling such a huge smile I had to ask,

"What happened?"

"I am healed!" Ellie grinned,


"Alexander did it. And look I have wings," Ellie turned and pulled two wings out her back, they were bright white and sparkled,

"Angel wings were the only ones I had spare," Alexander shrugged, "They look good though," I nodded in agreement, I took three strides towards Ellie and wrapped my arms around her,

"It's so good to have you back," I told her, she rubbed my back,

"Thanks Marc," she spluttered,

"Don't worry Zoey has the cooking under control, take it easy alright?" I smiled, she grinned back, "Oh and tomorrow we're going to fight," I told her, leaving her confused I went back to the kitchen,

"Ellie's back on form!" I called to the few people in the kitchen,

"Hurray!" Jade smiled and kissed Jake. I turned away and helped Zoey lay the table.

All too soon there was a huge hubble-bubble of people sat around the kitchen table, Luke, Ellie, Jake, Jade, Me, Zoey, Eve, Ben, William, Lucinda, Alexander, Charley, Eoin and Greg in the corner holding a plate - it was hard to sit down when your backside was that of a horse's. We were all enjoying the chilli con-carne with rice, as there was a knock on the door.

"I'll get it," Ben stood up and left the room, "AWESOME!" he burst back in,

"Zoey, I need you," Zoey stood up and went with Ben. Moments later they returned and Zoey was carrying a huge box, almost twice the size of her, I smiled - that was my girl.

"What is it?" Eoin asked, curiosity bursting from him,

"Weapons!" Ben grinned,

"Cool!" Jake stood up along with William; I smiled and went to see. I turned back round and saw only the un-interested girls remained at the table.

"What's this?" Jake picked up a sheet; he began to read, "As the other side advance, you must be given weapons for you even to stand a chance in the fight. Each of you have individual weapons which will either enhance your abilities or personality. I will teach you how to use them tomorrow. Love Amelia,"

"What have I got?" Jade stepped forward; soon there was a huge rush towards the cardboard box. I snatched my weapon and took it to a corner, I unwrapped it from the newspaper it was wrapped in and almost dropped it. In my hands was a map of the island, I placed it on the counter and stared at it. As I watched it turned 3D, I could see the lakes and mountains, my hands ran over the paper and I smiled. I turned it over for instructions,

"Marc, you have the ability to know where people are. This map allows you to form battle plans, and send it into the minds of your friends. You can communicate through this map with your friends at all times; you can also use the map to see where the enemy are. You are not a fighter and so your job will be battle-co-ordinator, you hold the ability to connect the team and if you use it wisely, you have a huge advantage. Use it well - Amelia." 


The End

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