I watched as Zoey carried lifeless Ellie to the dinning room table, Luke was pacing up and down the room his hand on his mouth. He looked like he was going to throw up; Jake stood next to the table and stared at Ellie in shock. William and Lucy stood next to each other closely they both looked as white as each other. Marc, Charley and Eoin were still in the loft and probably unaware of this casualty. I could only watch as Eve removed Ellie's bloodstained shirt, leaving her in her underwear,

"Luke, go and make yourself useful," I told him,

"How?" he asked his eyes bloodshot and his voice quivering,

"Go and tell the others in the loft," I commanded, he nodded and disappeared,

"I need help!" Eve cried, Ben came to her side,

"With what?" he asked ready to help,

"I don't know what to do..." she trailed off, she looked ready to collapse with worry and stress, "She's going to die!" Eve groaned, I took a breath and stepped forward,

"Not under my control she won't!" I said loudly, the commotion stopped and Jake smiled slightly, "Right Eve go and find Alexander and tell him to get a needle and thread, we need to sew up these cuts," I said pointing at the two thick scars which ran down Ellie's back, either side of her spine.

"She won't be able to fly..." William said,

"She hasn't got wings anyway, what do you propose we let her bleed to death?" I snapped, I took another calming breath; I wasn't going to lose my temper. Luke reappeared looking almost green, I groaned,

"Someone take Luke outside, he's gonna hurl!" Zoey took Luke's arm and led him through the glass doors, a few moments later I heard vomiting. I pushed all insignificant thoughts to the back of my mind and took the needle which Eve handed me; I carefully began to sew her back together. Jake dabbed away the blood and Lucinda cloned herself and fetched everything we asked.

"Her head has a lump," William said,

"Put something cool on it," Ben said. There were too many people around Ellie and I was beginning to feel queasy, I took another breath as I continued to sew up her flesh. My eyes began to swim and I knew I was going to faint; I groaned and dropped the needle.




Next thing I knew, I was looking up at the ceiling in a strange room. I sat up and looked around; I was in the drawing room. My legs felt weak as I headed back to the dinning room, but before I made it there, I sank down - my legs failing me. I rested my head against the staircase and concentrated on breathing. I heard footsteps and opened my eyes,

"What's up?" Marc asked,

"Just feel a little ill," I told him, he sank down next to me,

"Me too, but mentally," he closed his eyes, I did the same,

"Heard about Ellie?"

"Luke told us, he looked rough," Marc replied,

"I feel so useless here, but if I stand up, I will faint," I told him,

"What did it to her?" he asked,

"I don't know, but they cut her up real bad,"

"Jade!" Marc called, I felt his breath wash over my face, I opened my eyes to see his face inches from mine. My eyes widened,

"What?" I asked,

"I sense something..." he began, and closed his eyes again in concentration, "...Harpies are in the dome." I shot up and took Marc's hand pulling him outside. I looked into the air and sure enough there were two Harpies circling above us. If you've never seen a Harpy they look almost human... human with wings. You could argue they are angels, but no angel looks as if it has come from the pits of hell. A pair of black eyes met mine, I gulped. The harpy's feet were not human but clawed - like a bird's. His body turned towards Marc and me and he flapped down towards us. I felt Marc clench my hand, I yanked it away - I was enthralled. It landed softly next to me, I stared him out,

"How did you get in here?" I asked, the harpy's wings folded neatly behind its back, "Why did you hurt her?" I asked another,

"Errr Jade," Marc called, I could see the other harpy had landed behind he and was stalking Marc,

"Don't touch him!" I commanded, the harpy stopped moving, "Answer me!" I yelled,

"Child." The harpy began, he attempted a smile but it looked more like a grimace, "We are not here to harm you,"

"Oh yeah?" Marc asked, his voice quivering over his sarcasm,

"We are here to warn you," the one behind me snarled, their voices didn't sound human but more eagle-like (if that is possible.)

"Warn us about what?" I asked,

"Demondian is alive!" he screeched,

"Demondian?" Marc asked,

"The Black Valley," he breathed,

"What's the Black Valley?" I asked, I felt Marc's back press against mine, we were surrounded,

"The Isle of Justicia is split in half," the harpy behind me shrieked,

"Our half... is coming!" the one in front of me said darkly,

"Beware!" the Harpy behind me sneered. I watched as the Harpies descended into the sky, their wings flapped making my hair fly around my face as the air was pushed to us. I stepped away from Marc,

"Zut!" was all Marc said.

The End

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