We stood at the steps of the attic. By now, most all were gathered by Charley's totally unexpected outburst. Poor Charley--my heart ached for her. I could not comprehend what she was going through.  

"Should someone go up...?" Jake asked after a moment, all uncertain and unknowing.  I moved up, anxiety knotted in my stomach.  

"Don't." Jade stepped forward to stop me, softly instructing. "Not yet. Let her calm down. Eoin's got her don't worry." 

"What's actually happened?" Eve asked, chewing her lip. 

"From the sound of it... Rory's dead." Jake said. Marc walked up the stairs, just hearing Jake's final words.

"What?" He said, stopping suddenly. Marc looked up the stairs. "Where's Charlie?" 

"Up there Marc, but please don't go up yet. You'll only make it worse." I pleaded calmly, walking over to him. 

"What? I'll only make it worse? I can't look after my own sister now can I?" Marc snapped. I stopped where I was.

Eve began, "Marc, don't be unreasonable."

"It's not like you've been the brother of the year so far is it." Jake muttered. Jade  threw him a scolding glance and he put his hands in the air. 

"Jake-don't-speak-to-me," Marc snarled through his teeth. He marched past Jake, purposefully shoving his shoulder into his, and stormed up the stairs.

"Hey-" Jake growled before Jade cut him off.

"Don't start. We don't need it." She hissed at him, then turning to me. "You okay?" 

I nodded quickly, trying to hide the tears forming at the corner of my eyes. I wanted to run away and cover my face. What was wrong with him lately? It's like he didn't care. I felt part-ways torn.


"Luke." Jade breathed. 

Everyone raced downstairs, towards his voice. I rubbed my eyes, trying to shake away the tears. Charley was distressed, Luke sounded as if he was in trouble. My feelings meant nothing at the moment.

"Oh my god. I smell blood." Jade whispered as we hurried towards the front door.

I nearly fell over in shock.  

Ellie was lay in Lukes arms; crimson red blood stained the ground all around, stained Luke. It was coming from Ellie, coming from her in great gushes. Her eyes were closed, her body limp.  Luke looked to us with the utmost distress in his eyes. It felt like my stomach had been torn from my body. It was the most horrible sight I had ever witnessed.

"I..I went.. I went out to get her.. I ..I  ..She .. She was just lay there. Just lay there." Luke choked on his words, drowning in despair.

Tears filled almost everyone's eyes as we moved forward. Jade was already leaning over her, pressing her ear to her chest. 

"She's alive. I can hear her heart beating. It's slow, but she's alive." She said. Luke clung to Ellie, appearing as if he didn't believe this was real. I didn't believe it was real. Where was I? Was this a nightmare?

Jake then led Luke off--drawn, pale, distraught. Tears rolled down his cheeks.

"Here, let me take her. Let's bring her in." I moved forward, offering my arms. Horrified, I examined her closer, frustrated when tears blurred my vision. I wiped my face on my sleeve, realizing how disgustingly torn up she was.

Something had ripped off her wings, clawed at her heart.

But what?

Jade nodded approvingly, and I took Ellie's small form into my arms. Her hot blood spilled onto my skin. I swallowed past a bout of dizziness, looking into her face--colorless and restful, as if she was dead.

Could we save her?    

The End

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