We all stared at each other, unsure what to say. By now most people had come to investigate what the noise was about and had seen Charley's outburst. It was totally unexpected. 

"Should someone go up...?" I said, as we all gathered at the bottom of the attic stairs. Zoey stepped forward, a look of worry on her face, before Jade stopped her. 

"Don't." She said softly. "Not yet. Let her calm down. Eoin's got her don't worry." 

"What's actually happened?" Eve asked, biting her bottom lip. 

"From the sound of it... Rory's dead." I said, avoiding looking at Marc. He had just walked up the stairs and only heard the last part. 

"What?" He said, stopping suddenly. He looked at us all gathered around the stairs and then glanced up. "Where's Charley?" 

"Up there Marc, but please don't go up yet. You'll only make it worse." Zoey said calmly, walking over to him. 

"What? I'll only make it worse? I can't look after my own sister now can I?" Marc snapped. Zoey stopped in her tracks.

"Marc, don't be unreasonable." Eve said to him.

"It's not like you've been the brother of the year so far is it." I said, under my breath. Jade threw a look at me and I put my hands in the air. Hey, it was true!

"Jake. Don't. Speak. To. Me." Marc said threw gritted teeth. He stormed past me, angrily shoving his shoulder into mine, and walked up stairs.

"Hey-" I growled before Jade cut me off.

"Don't start. We don't need it." She turned to Zoey. "You okay?" 

She nodded, but even I could see the tears forming at her eyes. 

"Should I go up?" She asked unsure. I shrugged. 

"If you want to. Marc surely won't get nasty at a time like this, but he seems to be snapping a lot recently." Eve said, rubbing her shoulders. 


"Luke." Jade breathed. 

We all quickly ran down the stairs, towards his voice. What had happened now? It took a lot to shake Luke like that. What was it?

"Oh my god. I smell blood." Jade whispered as we hurried towards the front door.

That's when we saw them. 

Drenched in blood, Luke was knelt on the floor holding onto a very still Ellie. He looked up at us with pure terror in his eyes. Ellie's were closed. 

"I..I went.. I went out to get her.. I ..I  ..She .. She was just lying there. Just lying there." Never had I seen Luke like this in all the time I had known him. 

"No." Eve muttered beside me. Then she ran forward, tears down her eyes. Jade was already leaning over her, pressing her head to her chest. 

"She's alive. I can hear her heart beating. It's slow, but she's alive." She said. Luke looked lost. He hung to Ellie like she was a doll or something.

I couldn't move. I was literally frozen. Flash backs filled my mind, going over in my head over and over. It wasn't Ellie. It was Jade. She was pale, and cold and ... dead. 

"Jake!" Jade shouted, snapping me out of it.

"Take Luke." She ordered me, looking at me closely. I nodded, and grabbed him up.

"Come on, pal. She's fine. Let them help." I muttered. 

He stood up and looked at me, with pure terror in his face.

"Jake.. Not Ellie. No... No .. I can't.. I ..." Then slowly tears began to crawl down his cheeks. 

"Jesus..." Eve breathed as Jade turned Ellie over and we saw her back.

Her shirt had been ripped open, and where her wings formed, there were two bloody lumps with blood pouring from them.

Someone - or something - had torn her wings clear off. 


The End

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