After climbing the stairs I throw my sweaty clothes off, I looked in the wardrobe and knocked my toe on something bending down I gasped seeing the long heavy object.

"Well this is a bit extreme for burglars, what ever happened to a baseball bat?" Picking up the sliver and red flower pattern archers bow, the arrows were also in a bag that went over your shoulder and they were sliver and had the same red flower pattern on them. "Huh well this could come in handy when I'm flying."

I was brushing my hair in the mirror when a shadow crept behind me, sending shivers down my spine. But when I turned round it was gone. Of course I didn't sleep peacefully, my father was still able to reach me here and I could still feel his touch on my skin. When he touched Luke's necklace on my neck he hissed out but in pain and glared.

"Nice trick Ellie, someday you won't have that stone to protect you...neither will you have Luke..."

"Ellie you're missing everybody." I jumped hearing Jake's voice.

"Coming." Unsure of my voice as I got up I had to steady myself the dance had took what energy I had left, but I wasn't about to appear weak especially in front of Jake.

"Can I ask why you're giving Luke strange looks this morning?" Jake asked as we headed down the stairs.

"Am I?" I lied what Luke told me about him leaving home bothered me and was all I could think about last night.

"Do you know then?" Jake stopped. 

"About what?" I asked puzzled now.

"About Luke's travelling, leaving home has he told you?"

"Yer...but how do you know?" But I could see how nervous and uncomfortable he looked all of a sudden, and then it clicked. "Wait...you knew before. O'my god he told you that he was leaving home. You knew and you didn't tell me! I thought well that he he. And you didn't stop him or even better say for him to visit his girlfriend! Jake!" I was gripping the banister trying to contain my anger and hurt.

"You should have said something Jake. He didn't have to go around the world every day just so he could find a place to stay, when I have plenty of room in my bed room!" I stormed passed him not listening to anything that he was saying.

Somehow I had to compose myself before seeing Luke again. I would not spoil the rest of the talent show. I kept thinking of the dance that me and Eoin had just pulled off and that helped me to smile. Luke put his arm round as I sat down, but I didn't really feel it, I felt cold and stiffened from his touch. Not noticing the cold shoulder he reached over and kissed me.

It was working no one questioned me Jake kept looking at me, but my eyes were fixed on the show. Lucinda and Ben did some magic tricks and wanted a volunteer, Jade hand shot up but Luke was faster and teleported next to Ben and Lucinda.

I couldn't stand this anymore. While Luke was busy I snuck out of the room closing the door and went to the kitchen pretending to be busy.

"Out with it Ellie." Luke appeared in front of me his bluely green eyes locked with my own.

"More like you." I replied putting my hands on my hips.

"O'know you don't. What's with your a dreams, or nightmares." I gasped and Luke carried on. "O' yes I heard you last night; remember my room next door to yours. What is it Ellie you can tell me, why are you off with me today?" Luke reached out and took my hands.

I snatched them back. "Why did you leave without saying goodbye? We were soo close that night Luke, closer then ever before and you just left. Do you know how that made me feel? Not even a note on your pillow nothing!"

"Ellie we went through this, I had to leave my home." Luke snapped his jaw set into a hard line.

"Then what was wrong with my home?" I shot back.    

"I couldn't Ellie." He looked away but I wasn't having this, it was like someone had flipped a switch and all my anger poured out.

I stepped in front of Luke blocking his path. "Out with it Luke."

"Not now." He sighed still wearing that hard look.

"No. Now Luke." I demanded glaring at him. "You really don't know how much I wished you were with me. Vanessa even was worried about you, you know your older sister." That caught his attention. "Msn, texting you know the full works asking if I had seen you around. Silly me thought nothing of it at the time. I thought she was at college or something and wanted to check on her littler brother."

"I checked on her." Luke said shrugging his shoulder.

"But not me." I unclipped the sliver heart necklace and held it in my hand. "You can't trust me. You don't care about me. You don't love me."

"Ellie what are you-

"If you trusted me, then you would've told me everything. If you cared then you would've kept in touch or stayed with me. I'm not even going to say the last part. I can't keep this anymore." Holding the necklace out towards him. "Anything to add?"

I couldn't bear to look at him; even standing near him was making my blood boil.

"Hey come on you two the winners are about to be announced." Zoey came running into the kitchen.

"Don't worry, we're done." I replied my voice full of anger and I stormed out of the kitchen, throwing the necklace on the ground and felt my wings burst from my back.

I flew fast wanting to block out my argument with Luke, our first real argument and last. Forgetting about the protection around the house and Alexander warning about what was out there I carried on flying in blind fury.

My neck felt exposed without Luke necklace, I realised then that my garnet stone was also on that necklace too. "Great." I said bitterly to myself. "What's this?" Fog or mist had suddenly covered me blinding me from seeing anything.

Then something sharp cut me and whatever it was had a straggled like laugh. I spurn round but it hit me again. And then I saw it- or rather them. "You have got to be kidding me. Ahh!" They were fast and their crawls sharp and knives. Their wings black with steel like feathers, big golden evil eyes that glowed and they had tails that they used as whips against my skin. Harpy's.

I cried out in pain and struggled to hit one of them, but it was useless. Ok this is where the bow and arrows come in handy I thought.

"Eeelllllllieee" one of them hissed out making me freeze which was a mistake. One of them came behind me and gripped my wings, I struggled to get free but one of them sliced their crawls down my chest making my crouch my back and again that was a mistake.

I didn't feel it; I heard it and that was more painful. "Nnn ahhhhh!" I gasped as they ripped my wings apart, stripping them from my back and felt the blood run down my back. They crowed me and tossed me around before letting me drop from the sky. Now I could feel the burning pain, two lines running down my back pouring with blood and my chest bleeding freely too. I couldn't see anything, didn't know where I was.

Finally I landed but instead of the hard ground of the earth, I landed in the coldness of the dark water. I was exhausted. I was badly hurt. I couldn't make it back to the surface. My father words came in my head again as my eyes closed and fell into blackness...   




The End

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