It was Zoey and Charley's turn, and then it was mine and Ellie's! I was slightly nervous, I mean, what would people think about me dancing? I loved it, it was so fun and invigorated to coordinate moves and execute them. It was an unrecognized sport. And since it was unrecognized, I hoped that some of the others wouldn't be too judgmental of me.

Zoey and Charley finished off their duet, it was fabulous. I heard no mistakes, but that could have been because I have a limited amount of knowledge in the music realm. Ellie and I stood up, and walked to the sides of the stage as our names were called. Butterflies were floating in my stomach as I prepared myself. Just stick to the routine and you'll do fine, I told myself. I sure hoped so.

Someone played the CD Ellie had picked, and the dance started. It was swing dancing, my absolute favourite. We did tons of flips, dips and turns. She smiled at me, and I beamed at her. We were perfectly choreographed and the choreograph was awesome, not to brag or anything of course.

We finished off with a few spins, twists and finally a dip. We were breathing heavily and sweat soaked my back. I had never felt better during a dance in my life. This was cool.

I suddenly snapped out of it, because of a distant sound, what was it? I remembered where I was, and lifted Ellie back up and turned to my new friends. The sound was their clapping, and they were standing in their seats. The guys nodded in approval, accepting the dance like it was one of the coolest new sports, which felt really good, and the girls were ecstatic that someone was actually brave enough to dance in public. Luke stared dumbfound at Ellie, clapping and looking amazed. Maybe I should have asked his permission before dancing with his girl, but he looked pleased enough.

We bowed and went off to the side, getting some water and a new set of clothes (our old ones stank, and were full of sweat) and we got back in time to see the next act. How that was I was unsure, had something happened while we were changing?

I sat back and watched the rest, happy mine was over and quite pleased with the result. Ellie was beaming as she went to sit beside Luke, who put his arm around her and kissed her lightly on the cheek. I grinned, I was glad that she was happy, she deserved it.

At that thought, I started thinking about all the matches. They were all paired, even Charley, though her boyfriend wasn't here at the moment and wasn't really a boy or technically alive... I trailed off at that. I shook my head and went back to my thoughts. Who did I have? I mean, I considered all of them my friends, soon to be best friends probably from the looks of how they bonded together, something about Atlantians I think. But I was thinking more along the lines of a sorta girl friend... not that I really needed one, but, was I supposed to have one?

I was pulled out of my ponderings by Amelia standing up, a small sheet of paper in her hand.

"Attention people, attention Atlanteans. I have exciting news" she said, she looked extremely happy.

"Everyone did extremely well, and Alexander and I had a hard time choosing, however I think you will like the final result. The official winner is, though you are all winner's in my book," she winked, " the official winner is...."


The End

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