We ended up deciding to do a small acting piece. Eve had a much better imagination than me and worked out a script for us. She admitted she'd taken a scene from a film she'd watched but adapted it for us. She worked in just the right amount of humour that suited me.

Jade and William went first. I had to smother some laughter - not because the song was bad or they were it was simply that I found the idea of Will singing hilarious. I wouldn't have been surprised if he wanted to hit me - a lot.

Then we followed Marc to the lake. He stripped down to his swimming shorts and many of us wolf-whistled - mainly me. Zoey was admiring him with a grin.

"Welcome to the annual dolphin show," Marc announced and Jake in the form of a dolphin appeared out of the water and did a wicked little flip.

Points to Marc and Jake for originality.

"A dolphin!" Ellie cried, "Oh, wait, it's Jake." My Irish Pixie flushed and a few people tittered. I just grinned at her.

The dolphin act was pretty cool. Marc was shivering and practically a smurf when they were finished.

We headed back and Eve requested we went next to get it out of the way. I groaned but joined her in front of everyone.

I noticed Ellie giving us - or rather me - some weird looks.

We were finished before Marc joined us, finally dry and warming up by the looks of it.

It was Zoey and Charley next. They were playing a piece of music on a piano. I couldn't really concentrate on the rest of the show. Why the hell had Ellie been giving me such bizarre looks?

(Sorry it's kinda vague :S)

The End

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