"I'm no one special," Amelia told everyone, I was already bored of her; it was getting annoying all these people dropping in. But as she spoke I began to listen up, there was something about her which was compelling and I wanted to listen. "My life hasn't really started yet, I'm just learning about God and how amazing he is," she smiled, "Then when I am ready I will go to earth, perhaps one day we will meet," she offered looking at me, "In fact I already know I'm going to meet a few of you," she said her eyes glazing the group of us. She continued to talk and an hour later we decided it was time to have one more practise. I met Jake and we headed to the pond,

"This is all so serious," I complained, Jake smiled,

"Don't you want to win?" he asked,

"I really couldn't care less." I stated.


That night we all gathered into the large hall-like room, people had set out seats allowing everyone to have a front seat view. Jade as usual was bossing people around - well instructing people - I didn't complain too much, she kept us in order. We all sat down and Amelia went to the front,

"It is my honour to welcome you all here to the Luxternia Talent Show, I wish you all the best of luck," she glanced at a piece of paper in her hand, "and first we have Jade and William," My head turned to the couple, Jade was shaking her head,

"I hate going first," she mumbled, William was already getting set up with the backing track and microphones.

"Where did all this come from?" I asked,

"It was in a cupboard," Eoin said grinning, "Lucky huh?"

"Typical," Ellie muttered, "Typical Atlantis,"

"But is it Atlantis this time?" Luke spoke up, "Have we been sent here by Atlantis, or another power?" he asked, no one answered.

"Well as you all ponder on that question," Jade began, "We're going to sing you a song," William was tapping the microphone and looking confused,

"Mine isn't working," he whispered to Jade, Jade smiled and took the microphone from him,

"Just switch it on," she said loudly enough for everyone to hear, William grinned and placed it back on t he stand.

"Ooops," he said aside. Amelia pressed play on the stereo and the music began to play, it wasn't a song I had heard before. As they began to sing their voices harmonised well, I realised they had made it up themselves. I wasn't really musically inclined and didn't follow the top charts, so if the lyrics weren't to do with Atlantis and last adventure I wouldn't know they had written it themselves.

That was our Adventure
Atlantis - Atlantis - Atlantis
We hope it shall endure

It sounded better than it looks - promise. The music ended and everyone clapped them off, I hadn't realised that Jade or William could sing so well, and to be honest I was very impressed.

"Next we have Marc and Jake," I groaned and slouched into my chair, this was going to be embarrassing; Jake was already making his way out the door. I stood up and watched him morph into a bird and fly towards the lake, I guessed he was going to surprise everyone. Everyone watched as Jake disappeared,

"Looks like he bailed on you," Eve remarked,

"Everyone listen up," I called over the quiet mumblings, I may as well do this properly, "My name is Marc and I'm your zoo keeper this afternoon,"

"Oh I see, Jake's going to be a load of animals," Jade guessed,

"Would you follow me across the grass?" I called, everyone piled out the door onto the lawn and across to the lake. I allowed the group behind me to guess what I was doing, we stopped at the lake and I undressed - I had prepared, my swimming shorts were underneath - they were a few wolf whistles and Zoey was grinning helplessly.

"Welcome to the annual dolphin show," as I said it Jake flew out the water and did a flip,

"A dolphin!" Ellie exclaimed, "Oh wait it's Jake," she blushed and gained a few laughs; I turned and dove straight into the water from the jetty. Fiddling around for the hoop I'd hidden in the reeds I pulled it out and held it above the water. Jake dived through, I lifted it higher, he did it again. We received a round of applause each time, for the last hoop-related trick I threw it into the air and Jake jumped through it, both the dolphin and the hoop landed in the water. We received a few ‘Woo's' for this one. Jake pulled me round the lake as I held onto his fin, and then we did a few more tricks. By the end I was shivering and almost blue, we got clapped as I got out the lake and Jake suddenly morphed into a human all warm and dry and joined the others walking back. I missed the next act because I was getting dried and as I came to join the group it was Charley and Zoey's turn. 


The End

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