I woke up the following morning in comfort; this bed was a lot more relaxing than my bed at home. I stretched and rolled over to look out the window, a bird sang on my windowsill, I could see the sun rising over the mountains. The lake glistened in the distance, I made a noise of contentment, this was the life. I finally managed to roll out of bed and get dressed into some skinny washout jeans and a navy blue top; I pulled on a red cardigan, applied my makeup and did my hair. I knew no one had woken up yet so I opened my window and leant out; I took in a deep breath and smelt the flowers in the air.

“S’not bad is it?” said a voice; I spun round and froze,

“Who are you?” I asked a girl similar to my age,

“My name’s Amelia,” she told me, “I’m no one famous,” she smiled, “I’m a prophet,”

“There are no prophets called Amelia in the Bible,” I told her,

“Jade the world is becoming more and more anti-religious, you could say I’m in the queue, to go down and sort it all out,” she smiled,

“What?” I asked,

“When the world gets really bad I’m going to go to earth and prophesy,”

“You can’t just be a prophet,” I argued,

“God created me; it’s hard to understand I agree. Because surely I should just be born like any normal human from two parents, and then get a message from God, to tell the world.” I mashed my eyebrows,

“So you were premade?” I asked, she smiled,

“Yes, I guess I was, I’ll be sent to earth when it gets bad, I just have to wait here. You see in heaven time does not exist, here in Luxternia it does, that’s why I have to wait here. God made me early and sent me here, to sort of wonder around,” she smiled,

“Why are you here, like in this room?” I asked closing the window,

“I was curious,” she smiled sheepishly, “Curious about humans,” I smiled,

“Hey why don’t you stay for today, watch the talent show?” I offered,

“I heard about that, Alexander told me,” Amelia smiled, “Thank you, I’ll stay until after the talent show and then I’ll go on, I’ve got a few things to do,”

“Like what?” I asked out of curiosity,

“Meet with people and animals, I’m also going to do some painting, the views are beautiful,”

“They really are,” I agreed.

I took Amelia downstairs with me, I poured her some cereal and gave her a spoon, I did the same for myself and we went outside to the porch to eat it. The sun shone onto my face and I closed my eyes,

“So you’re one hundred percent human?” I asked her,

“Last time I checked,” she laughed, I opened my eyes again and looked at her. She had short black hair with brown eyes, she had strong facial features and her eyebrows were bushy, but she wasn’t ugly. She was one of those people who you didn’t consider beautiful or ugly, but you would listen to and respect, perhaps that’s why God made her look that way.

“Who’s this then?” asked a voice I recognised, I turned round to see the entire group standing by the doorway,

“This is Amelia, she’s a prophet,” I said, Jake came round and kissed my lips,

“Morning,” he grinned, “Hey Amelia,” he winked, “Pleased you came, I hope you’ll join us for the talent show tonight,” he asked,

“It ought to be entertaining,” she laughed,

“Why doesn’t she join Alexander on the judging panel?” Luke offered,

“I’d love to do that!” she grinned and put the bowl down, “I’m excited already,” I smiled and got up, I hugged Jake and smiled at her,

“I guess we ought to introduce ourselves,” I said,

“You’d be surprised, I know quite a lot about you twelve…” she raised her eyebrow, “Yes Marc even you,” Marc went white, “I know you took Ellie’s cookie and told her she had miscounted,” Amelia waved her finger at him, “tut tut,” she smiled. Ellie laughed,

“You rude rude boy!” she grinned,

“And you, Ellie, you’re calling Marc rude? You burped and when Jade looked at you in disgust you blamed it on Luke without him even knowing,” Ellie blushed,

“Burps are gross,” I said,

“And you… Jade,” Amelia began to laugh, I shook my head slowly, I knew where this was going,

“I’m outer her,” I said smiling, I turned and headed inside,

“Jade has OCD about hygiene!” Amelia called, “She can’t sleep if something is out of place!” I sat down on the kitchen,

“I thought it was the little house elves who cleaned up,” William said,

“It’s all Jade, everything must be perfect,” Amelia smiled, although she was revealing embarrassing secrets about all of us, I still liked her; there was something about her, something likeable and attractive. I smiled at her from across the room,

“So, tell us about yourself, Amelia.” I grinned.

The End

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