Jade, William, Eve, Luke, Ellie and Eoin all left the room, leaving Charley, Jake, Lucy, Zoey and Ben with me. Charley and Zoey went to practise; others followed leaving only Jake and me in the room again,

“Want to practice now?” I asked Jake, he raised an eyebrow,

“Are we seriously going to do a dolphin show?”

“Well do you have a better idea?” I challenged, Jake shrugged,

“Let’s have dinner first,” Jake bargained,

“But then we’ll have to wait an hour after eating, and it’ll be pitch black,” I complained,

“Fine, we’ll go now,” Jake said getting up and turning into an eagle, he obviously didn’t want to walk the distance to the lake with me. I watched him hop to the door, I opened it for him and he took off into the sky, I rolled my eyes,

“Show off,” I muttered as I walked across the lawn alone. When I arrived Jake was already there,

“Do you have swimming trunks?” he asked smiling slightly, I mentally slapped myself,

“Hey why don’t you turn into a pair of trunks?” I asked, Jake looked disgusted,

“I only do animals,” he replied bitterly, “And I’d rather not going anywhere near that,” he pointed at my lower half. I let a small laugh out, Jake looked at me and laughed, I joined in, we laughed for a minute or so and then Jake composed himself,

“I’ll go back and get some,” he called running away from me, he jumped mid air, I thought he was going to faceplant the ground but inches from it he turned into a cheetah and pelted to the house. The moon was shinning above, and the sound of wildlife filled the atmosphere, mainly the buzz of crickets and the call of owls. I looked into the lake, which by day was crystal clear, but in the dusk it looked murky and suddenly I felt worried, what if there were piranhas in there?

“There aren’t any fish in that lake,” said Alexander, I didn’t even jump, I was used to this now,

“You sure?” I asked,

“Would I lie?” he asked, he had a good point,

“Anything that I should avoid? Poisonous pond weed? Man-eating water boatmen?”

“It’s just water, it’s even drinkable,”

“I don’t believe that! It has to be purified and everything!” I scoffed,

“This isn’t earth Marc, it’s halfway to heaven,” he smiled, “half like heaven, half not,” I nodded slowly,

“So are you going to tell me how you do that?”

“Do what?”

“Read thoughts, suddenly appear and disappear?”

“Like I said, I’m gifted,” he then dissipated into the night.

Something landed on my head, this time I did jump, my hands flew to my head and it pulled whatever it was off, an owl landed next to me and morphed into Jake,

“Haha!” he laughed, “Now put them on,” I hit him with the pair of trunks which had fallen from the sky, Jake ran towards the water and dived in, only to morph into a dolphin mid-jump and glide into the water almost elegantly. I quickly got changed and carefully walked into the water, it was cold but not freezing, Jake swam close to me and splashed me with a fin.

“Jake! Seriously! I’ll go in, in my own time!” I growled, he swam in circles around me and then nudged me into the water; my breath was taken away from me as the water covered every inch of my body. I put my arms into action and swam across the lake. I circled back and Jake appeared by my side, we swam next to each other for a few meters and then I told hold of his fin, he didn’t like that, he dived under the water and didn’t surface for a few minutes. I sighed and swam back to the shore,

“No unnecessary touching!” Jake said, I flicked him with water, he splashed me back, “I have sharp teeth!” he warned as I splashed him again.

“What are we going to do?” I asked,

“I don’t know, I’ll jump through a few hoops and we’ll have a race,”

“Everyone’s in the dinning room,” I said peering into my mind map, “I think food’s up,” I climbed out the water and picked up my clothes, I walked across the lawn shivering. Jake passed me as a cheetah and morphed into a human at the door. I envied how he wasn’t even wet! Back in my bedroom I dried and put on warm clothes, everyone had finished by the time I got down.

“Save any for me?” I asked looking at the empty plates on the table,

“Zoey did, she’s warming it for you now,” said Ellie, Zoey opened the microwave and handed me a plate of pizza,

“There you go honey,” Zoey kissed my lips and came to sit down next to me, everyone disappeared leaving Zoey and I alone in the kitchen,

“Thank you for this,” I said offering her a piece, she shook her head and smiled,

“No problem,” she grinned and glanced at her watch, “I’m shattered,” she told me,

“Go to bed,”

“I don’t want you to eat alone,” she said,

“Hey I’ll bring my pizza up,” I smiled and took the plate upstairs to Zoey’s room. She got changed in her bathroom and climbed onto the bed, I finished the pizza and put the plate down, I put my arm around her and she rested her head in my arms. I kissed her hair occasionally and watched her chest rise and fall steadily; she was definitely asleep, I pulled her down and rested my head on the pillow. I kicked off my shoes and closed my own eyes… next thing I knew it was morning.

The End

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