"Hey! I'm the one who was given teleportation powers! The rest of you have to use your legs!" Luke said making me laugh still holding his hand and pulling him to the bed sitting down.

"What's up with my Pixie Ellie?" Luke asked.

"Nothing, just happy that we have some time together." I smiled moving in for a kiss, Luke wrapped his arms around my tiny waist and pressed his lips against mine.

"Luke could at list shut the door if you want make out time with Ellie." A voice came from the door. I brushed as me and Luke untangled our selves, then my face reddens more seeing Ben and Eve at the door.

"Yer Luke your crushing poor Ellie." Eve said then they both left.

"Think I need a lock for that door." Luke muttered.

"O'my American boy only  thinks about that now." I teased climbing off the bed, feeling hot all over.


The atmosphere felt a little tense in the room. Marc and Zoey were at opposite ends of the room, looking when the other one wasn't looking. And Charley didn't even look at Marc, this was bad. How were we meant to fight everything evil, if we were fighting between our selves?  

Moses announced to us all that he was leaving us saying that he was going to Heaven. Heaven. That word opened up a lot of doors. Mum. Is she there? Did she know I was here? Did she think about me? Did she remember me?

Luke voice interrupted my inner babble. "Ellie I'm hungry." He sounded like a winy kid or like someone who does get fed.

Looking at his fineee body I replied, "You're so demanding Luke." Then I grabbed cushion throwing it at him. Of course he had the upper hand...grabbing my waist, spinning me around and then throwing me down on the sofa that was thankfully-or well planned was empty. I couldn't help but laugh, then Luke bent down and kissed me. Slow at first as if tasting each other lips, then Luke hands slipped behind my back pulling me closer and deepen the kiss. Suddenly, we back in the lane in Ireland are first real kiss-only without the rain but that did make things more romantic.

We both broke away at the same time looking into each others eyes. We didn't need words to know how we felt about each other. You could see it in our eyes. Slowly Luke got off the sofa pulling me with him, I was glad of that, I didn't think that I could trust my feet.

"I'm going, I'm going." Not really knowing how my voice sounded, Luke and I went off to the kitchen.

"What would sir like this fine evening?" I joked.

"Now there's a question every boy wants to hear from his girlfriend." Luke winked at me.

"Luke!" I gasped hip bumping him. "I mean....what do you want to eat?" Luke grinned widened again. "Pizza?" I suggested.

"You calling out for pizza hut then?" Using his old line from before, when we had our first...whatever it was last year.

"What was it?" Luke wondered then clicked his fingers in memory. "Yer if you got the number smart arse."

"Just like old times with you pair." Eve commented as came in the kitchen.

"Are you following us around Eve?" Luke said jokey.

"Pretty much." I nodded to her whiles hunting down everything I needed for the pizzas.

" No I not just wondered if  you wanna get a bit of practice in for are ‘thing'." Eve used her fingers to expertise the word ‘thing' meaning there ‘talent'.

"Oooo the mystery talent." I teased.

"What worried about the completion?" Luke said.

Eoin rushed in then making me jump. "Hiya, do you want do go throu-

"Shh! Sure but I've got to get dinner on, so yer...bye Eve bye Luke. Dinner won't be long, I'm sure Jade will smell it before you do." I waved them off; Luke gave me a quick kiss and went off with Eve.       






The End

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