I watched as everyone gathered round, sitting and conversing. It was rather fascinating to watch really. They all had this love for each other that I desperately wanted with them too. They were so stinkin' cool!

I grinned as I watched from my bean bag. The air jsut so full of happiness. The Charley-Rory thing seemed somewhat resolved, however Marc and Zoey weren't talking. I was going to somehow try and get them to talk to each toehr when Elllie and Luke left the room. I figured before I entered into anyhting, I should find out what was happening first.

I snapped out of my pensive state, and went back into the 'real' world.

Zoey and Charley were talking quietly about girl stuff, meaning nothing I should really bother about because it would take way too much time to try and understand.

Marc sat on his couch, not talking to anyone. So I decided I'd go over and get to know him a bit more.

"Hey there grumpy!" I said cheerfully-hopefully that came off as non-offensive name calling.

Marc just nodded his head in my direction, and a quick glance of his eyes told me that he acknowledged my friendliness, and was not returning it due to failure of activeness. What did I just think?

"So, what are you guys doing for you're talent tomorrow night?" I asked, hoping he would at least talk about something.

"Secret," he said, grinning slightly, "you?" he asked.

"Can't say," I grinned, "secret" I said, winking. 

With that, I got up, my mission accomlished, and I headed out of the room. I had a sudden urge to go and talk to Alexander about fighting, and what I was to do.

I decided not to use the conventional door, and just go through the wall. 

This was easier said than done. After many attempts, I finally got my full self through the wall, and out of the floor boards (yeah, my feet kinda sunk into the ground...)

I headed down the hallway, and came across the door to the basement, which after much pondering,I decided to enter.

Upon doing so, I heard Alexander talking to something.  I headed down the stairs to find out what it was, and once I was down, I saw him stroking the head of a ginormous turtle. 

The shell and larger than my bed, and it's head about the size of my pillow. It's legs looked solid and firm, except for one which was bandaged up at it's side. They eyes locked into mine, staring me down.

I was frozen in shock, what the heck was that thing?!?!

"This young Eoin, is Herbert, Turtle of the Ground. It patrols for us, and gives invaluable information." Alexander stated, continuing to stroke the head of Herbert.

"Greeting to you young warrior," Herbert said, this didn't surprise me in the least, but I still blinked in surprise.. so I guess I was surpirsed, sorta, "I am as Alexander says, and I bid you good morrow. Pray, why have you come?" He asked. His language made me think of Shakespeare for a moment, but that passed soon enough, and I began to ask Herbert my many questions about battle and fighting with my ability.

"You ask much, and I am happy to say I think I can help you some," Herbert began. My heart quickened, I was getting an answer! " Have everyone gathered around the lake tomorrow morning, and I shall instruct you in the ways of fighting dead things." HIs eys twitched when he said 'dead thing', I wondered why, but didn';t want to push anything.

"Thank-you sir!" I said grateful, being taught by a turtle was definatly going into my list of stuff I'd never thought I'd do.

I hurried upstairs to tell the others, and ask Ellie if she wanted to practice.

The End

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