"What? You’re not going to tell me anything else?" Lucy said with a pretend pout.

I tapped my nose and smiled. “Secret,” I informed her.

Lucy turned away and pouted even more. I smiled and quietly moved my hands toward her. She peeked over her shoulder and I immediately started to tickle her. She screamed and fell over laughing and rolling. I grinned and stopped tickling to let Lucy catch her breath. She glared out me from where she lay and I beamed back at her. I saw her frown twitch; she was trying desperately not to smile. “Aww, come on Lucy! Smile! Pleeeaaase?” I begged.

Lucy caved and started to laugh too. I grinned. It was moments like this that I lived for. I offered her my hand. Lucy took it and I pulled her into a big hug. “I love you so much Lucy,” I told her for the thousandth time.

Lucy smiled, “I love you too.” She pulled away just enough so she could look into my eyes. She held my gaze for a few seconds, and then leaned in for a kiss. I smiled and leaned in and placed my lips on hers. I could have stayed in this position all day long, except we ran out of breath. We pulled away from each other and I looked into her eyes once again. So full of love, for me. I didn’t deserve Lucy at all; she was such an amazing person. But she had chosen me, and there was not a chance in the world I would complain.

“Come on Lucy, lets get out and join the others before they start wondering where we ran off to,” I said reluctantly.

She grudgingly took her head off my shoulder where she had nestled it. “I guess so,” she said half-heartedly.

I smiled and mussed her hair, “It’s not so bad…they’re our friends too you know.”

I planted a kiss on her forehead before heaving myself up and offering Lucy a hand. She took it and we walked together down the hall to the living room. We found a small, overstuffed couch to sit on and sat. Lucy leaned against me and snuggled her head up against my chest. I happily put an arm around her and started to just take in the conversations around us.

“Ellie I’m hungry,” Luke complained,

“You’re so demanding Luke,” she said throwing at cushion at him, he teleported just as it landed where he had been; he appeared behind her and grabbed her round the waist. She screamed as he spun her around and then threw her onto an empty sofa, she landed in giggles and then he bent down and kissed her quite passionately on the lips. I grinned and hugged Lucy tighter, relishing the solid yet fragile feeling of her body against mine.


“I’m going, I’m going,” Ellie said half dizzy, she and Luke left for the kitchen.

“William?” I looked up from Lucy, “Want to practice?” Jade asked,

I shrugged noncommittally “Go,” Lucy whispered. “I’ll practice too,” she added with a smile.

I got up, stretched, and then moved over to Jade. She led me into a room. I looked around and gawped. It was beautiful! Surrounded on three sides by glass windows showing off the crystal-blue lake as well as a lot of beautiful landscape. I saw a griffin fly past and grinned.

“I think this place has the best ambience for singing,” Jade stated the obvious. I fought back a grin.

“What song are we going to do?” I asked.

“I was thinking if we made one up, about last mission they’d like it more…”

“It could be called Atlantis!” I replied excitedly.

“I was also thinking that we could create a harmony which sang to their ears, oh and I’m not trying to make you nervous but with my hearing I can tell if the note is even just a teeny weenie bit out,”

I pulled a face, “No pressure then,” I added for good measure. Then I grinned, “But you’re composing it.” Not me.

Jade gave me an evil look and I grinned even wider. “Hey, I’m the one who has to be the perfect singer here! That’s my job, you can do the other hard part.”

Jade huffed and gave me the evils again. I gave her puppy eyes and she burst out laughing. “Oh alright, you! But using the puppy eyes is just low.”

I grinned, “Thanks! You’re the best!” We were so going to win this thing. 

The End

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