I sat with the group and let the high tensions brew. Zoey and Marc sat at opposite ends of the room, Charley didn’t look at Marc once and everyone was playing it cool. I sat beside Jake and snuggled into his shoulder, he absentmindedly played with my hair, combing it with his fingers.

“I like Noah,” I said when it was my turn,

“Noah’s arc?” Lucinda checked, I nodded,

“He must have had so much faith in God, building a huge boat in a dessert and being laughed at by everyone but his family,” I smiled, “It took guts,”

“My favourite was Jesus,” Jake said, I swatted him,

“We’re only doing the Old Testament,” I smiled,

“Fine, I like Jonah because he lived in a fish for a few days,” I rolled my eyes and let the conversation continue. I didn’t tune in as I listened to other sounds around the house, I could hear the sound of hooves clattering against the ground, the flapping of bird’s wings and the trickle of water. Moses walked in,

“Aren’t I your favourite?” he asked smiling,

“I said you were mine!” Charley beamed, Moses smiled and perched on the side of the sofa,

“Thank you Charley, I came here to tell you all that I am going to continue my journey,” he said sadly, “It has been nice meeting you all,”

“Where are you going?” I asked,

“Heaven, it’s where I live, I just came trekking through Luxternia for a small holiday.” He paused, “I’ll send my regards to Noah for you,” he said to me, with that he left. How had he heard me say that? He hadn’t been in the room. I sighed and kissed Jake’s hand,

“Some people are beyond gifted,” I said, he looked at me as though he had no idea what I was talking about, which he probably didn’t.

“Ellie I’m hungry,” Luke complained,

“You’re so demanding Luke,” she said throwing at cushion at him, he teleported just as it landed where he had been, he appeared behind her and grabbed her round the waist. She screamed as he spun her around and then threw her onto an empty sofa, she landed in giggles and then he bent down and kissed her quite passionately on the lips. I had to look away because it seemed too intimate,

“I’m going, I’m going,” Ellie said half dizzy, she and Luke left for the kitchen. There was an awkward silence,

“Where did you go Marc?” I asked,

“Out,” he replied nonchalantly, as he glanced back over to me he realised that wasn’t enough information, “I met a centaur called Grigorious, he showed me around,” he smiled and then looked down as if closing the conversation, usually I’d pry but I knew that Marc wasn’t really in the mood. I stood up,

“William?” he looked up from gazing at Lucinda, “Want to practise?” I asked, he shrugged,

“Go,” Lucinda whispered, “I’ll practise too,” she smiled as William got up, stretched and walk towards me. I turned on my heel and went into the drawing room,

“I think this place has the best ambience for singing,” I told him, he suppressed a grin,

“What song are we going to do?” he asked,

“I was thinking if we made one up, about last mission they’d like it more…” I trailed off,

“It could be called Atlantis!” he enthused, I smiled in response,

“I was also thinking that we could create a harmony which sang to their ears, oh and I’m not trying to make you nervous but with my hearing I can tell if the note is even just a teeny weenie bit out,” William pulled a face,

“No pressure then,” he smiled.

The End

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