“Where are you taking me?”  I groaned stumbling up the path,

“Patients child,” Greg said in his calming voice,

“Could I ride on your back?”

“What do I look like, a horse?” he asked,

“Yeah, you kinda do,” I smiled, Greg smiled back at me,

“But still no,” he grinned, “here,” he said a few moments later and pointed at the waterfall in front of us.

“Wow!” I smiled walking towards it; a huge gushing waterfall was cascading down the cliff face and crashing into the plunge pool underneath. “This is seriously cool!” I enthused,

“This is my second favourite place,” he smiled,

“Where is your first?” I asked,

“Heaven,” he replied simply. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, “Your friends are looking for you,” he said, I sighed,

“Let them, I prefer it here,” I told him,

“Marc, you can’t run from them forever,”

“I know…”  I groaned, “One hour alone would be nice,” I added,

“Luke is coming,” he informed me,

“How do you know? How do you even know Luke?” I asked, Greg smiled cheekily,

“I’ll explain another time, come on let’s try and intercept his path,” Greg trotted off and I had to run to catch up,

“If you’re going to run away, I’m climbing on your back,”

“I’ll push you off,” Greg said. Luke suddenly appeared in front of us, I didn't even jump,

"I know you're pissed but was this really worth it?" Luke asked, "You know Jade and Zoey are gonna give you a lecture. And don't expect me to help you out."

"You're all heart, Luke," I glowered at Luke. He was spoiling my enjoyable afternoon,


"Did you really expect anything else from me? Look, are you ready to come back or not?" I glanced at Greg, I didn’t want to leave, he seemed lonely, Greg’s eyes crinkled as if he could read my thoughts,


"Yes, I think I am," I answered. Greg smiled and nodded as though I had made the right decision. I took Luke’s arm

"Think you can teleport me directly outside Charley's room?" I asked,


"I can teleport you anywhere!” Luke said as though he was offended by my lack of trust, “Later, Centaur," he called as he took my arm,


"Bye, Greg," I managed, next thing I knew I was outside Charley’s room. Great. Time to face the music. I knocked on the door timidly, no answer, I knocked again harder,

“Come in,” came Charley’s recognizable voice, I strode in,

“Hi Charley,” I greeted her, “We need to talk,” I said. She smiled up from her bed and then winced,

“Sorry about everything,” she said,

“Yeah whatever,” I said, I wasn’t in the mood for slushy mush. “Look Charley I do have a problem with you going out with Rory, but you can continue to do so,”

“Thanks Marc!” she smiled,

“On three conditions,” I said putting up my finger,

“What?” she asked hesitantly,

“One, you never mention him. Two, you never marry him. Three, I never meet him.”

“What?” she asked again,

“I want to act as if he doesn’t exist,” I paused, “Which he shouldn’t,” I added, she winced in pain,

“I can promise you two of them,”

“Which two?” I asked slowly,

“I can’t promise never to marry him,” she said,

“If you ever do, I don’t want to know about it. Charley I am forbidding you, as your guardian during this mission, never to mention his name again.” With that I turned on my heel and left the room. I sighed as I jogged down the stairs, at the bottom Jake was just about to come up,

“Great, the last person I want to see,” I groaned under my breath,

“Marc!” Jake called; I appraised him, “Talent show tomorrow at seven,”

“Tomorrow?” I asked,

“I’ll talk to you about it later,” he said before running up the stairs. I sighed for the hundredth time that day and went into the lounge where the rest of the group were having a conversation about their favourite Bible character.

The End

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