I wanted to applaud William as he stormed out the room. When Lucinda followed I was tempted to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming. Quiet couple Will and Luce were the ones to leave?

"Does anyone else think this is silly?" Marc demanded. Pretty much everyone did. Jade took Charley away and slowly we all left after them. I led Ellie to the kitchen.

"You can't still be hungry!" Ellie exclaimed.

"Remember who you're talking to," I said as I rummaged for some food.

"Point taken," Ellie grinned, "Would you like some coffee with that?"

"Yes, please," I answered as I found a packet of biscuits.

"Maybe we should make a cup of tea with a kick for Marc, I'll bet he's wishing for something like that, right now," I commented, taking my coffee. Ellie nodded.

"I feel sorry for him, being embarressed like that. Go and ask him."

I teleported to the drawing room and found it empty. I saw Jake leaving the house and walking to Jade. I materialised beside them.

"Where's Marc?" I demanded, interrupting whatever Jake was saying. Jade jumped a foot into the air and screamed. I burst out laughing.

"Seriously, you've known me for long enough, you shouldn't still scream when i suddenly appear!" I teased. She hit me lightly then ignored me completely.

"What were you saying, Jake?"

"Luke just told you," Jake replied, "Marc's gone." Jade stared, uncomprehending for a minute then assumed her leadership role. I tried to find everyone I could and directed them to the entrance hall.

"I couldn't find the Newbies, the Angel or the Prophet," I informed them.

"They have names, Luke," Jade said exasperated. I shrugged.

"Unimportant right now," I responded.

"Marc is on the other side of the barrier," said Alexander, appearing out of nowhere. I glared. That was my job.

"He's what?" Zoey demanded, worry was written all over her face.

"He needed to be alone for a while," Alexander explained. We all grew a little awkward at the mention of the trial.

"We can understand that but we really should get him back now," Ben said.

"Luke?" Eve looked at me ad I looked at Alexander. He nodded.

"Fine! I'll be the taxi again," I muttered. Alexander took me to the barrier and took it down.

"Two minutes," he warned. I rolled my eyes and teleported in the direction he pointed. I just teleported all over the place looking for him, having no idea exactly where he was. He must have sensed me because as I was calling for him he walked into view with a Centaur beside him.

"I know you're pissed but was this really worth it?" I asked, "You know Jade and Zoey are gonna give you a lecture. And don't expect me to help you out."

"You're all heart, Luke," Marc glowered at me. I sighed.

"Did you really expect anything else from me?" I asked, "Look, are you ready to come back or not?" Marc glanced at the Centaur.

"Yes, I think I am," he answered. The Centaur smiled and nodded. Marc nodded back and stepped towards me.

"Think you can teleport me directly outside Charley's room?"

"I can teleport you anywhere," I rolled my eyes again (I was in one of those moods), "Later, Centaur," I called as I grabbed Marc.

"Bye, Greg," Marc managed to say before I teleported us away and appearing outside Charley's room. I let him go and materialised downstairs. Many jumped.

"Well?" Ellie demanded.

"Found him. He's fine. Give him a few minutes before hunting for him," I said.

"Why? Where'd you take him?" Jade asked suspiciously. I just grinned cockily at her.

"Luke..." Jake began in a warning tone.

"Geez, calm down," I told them, "He wanted to talk to Charley. If he tries anything, Jade'll hear them with her superhuman senses. See? S'all fine. Now I don't know about you lot, but I'm dead beat. Wake me up only if it's an extreme emergency."

Gradually we all walked off, a few of them grumbling about how annoying I was. It was only half-hearted though so I didn't take offense. Actually, it was a compliment. I hadn't lost the touch it seemed.

Ellie grabbed my hand as I teleported to my room.

"Hey! I'm the one who was given teleportation powers! The rest of you have to use your legs!" I said. Ellie just laughed.

The End

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