I lef the room, too much tension in the air. 

I headed out to the lake, I liked lakes. I sprinted to the barrier, just as Alexander was letting Marc out, I slipped through too. If either of them noticed, they didn't show it.

i headed towards the lake, going opposite of the direction Marc was going in.  

I sat on a log and began to starre at my reflection. My neatly un-tidied black hair was normal looking, my face mostly clean was normal, my clothes were normal looking too. My whole appearnance was such a cool-ordinary look. I thought back to the maxim 'looks can be decieving' and began to understand what the author meant. 

I'd fought zombies, killed one or two of 'em, I had a power!!! I talked to an angel, I'd seen Moses for goodness sake!!! I never asked for any of this, and I was unsure what to do with it. Why me?!?!  what was I supposed to do?!?!

"Mind if I sit?" I heard a voice say.

Instead of turning to see who it was, the voice told me straight off, I said a simpole 'sure' and hoped he wouldn't mind the informality of it. 

Moses took a seat beside me. He dressed in all white-though no robes, he wore a tee and jeans with flip flops. His dark brown hair was trimmed just above his ears, and he had a beard going on. He looked like a typical Jew might, with the hair and skin colour- not like the stereo-typical Moses you saw on paintings or bible story books.

"When I first saw the flaming bush, the one that didn't burn, I was scared." He started. I knew what he was talking about, my parents being Jewish and myself a Christian, I'd heard the story of the burning bush hundreds of times [story found in Exodus btw])."And after God told me what I had to do, I asked questions of myself, questions I never knew I'd have to face. I think you might be asking yourself some of those now too." He said, the last part really cutting me.

I just broke down there, the weight of everything crushing me. The fact that I was in some alternate reality, away from family and freinds, the fct that I was proably a wanted man back in the States (not home, I had no idea where home was), I had a power! I was going to kill. I was significantly different from other people, and this scared me.

I put my head in my hands and started to cry. I felt like a sissy, but it was better to let it out now than later with everyone else. 

Moses just sat there, in a stance that was patient, and understanding. He didn't say anything, and I appreciated that. He seemed so calm and accepting.

After I was done blubbering, and washing my face in the lake and turned towards him. Hoping he could give me some answers, or tell me how to find them.

"I cannot tell you what your answers are, that is between you and the Saviour. I can answer other questions though. Would you like me to explain anything?" He asked. he truely seemed interested in answering me. 

"I don't think so..." I said, none of my questions were for people I didn't think. They were like he said, between me and God. "It's just nice knowing you're there." I said.

He smiled, through back his head and laughed, just for the pleasure of it. At that moment I decided that I would be like him one day, he was my new hero.

"We should probably go back in now," he said when done, "I think someone has need of you there."

I stood up, wondering what he meant by that.  

He came up after me, and he walked side by side into the house, after he raised he had raised the barrier. 

"Eoin!" Someone exclaimed. I turned to see who it was.

The End

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