Humiliation I could deal with, utter humiliation I could not. Jade and Charley left the room, Jake followed and the rest filtered out, I lifted my head from my hands and stood up, I had to get away. I pegged it down to the path and found the invisible barrier; I slammed it with my hand again and again – hoping by chance it would open. On the last hit my hand didn’t collide with anything and due to the brute force I fell forward into the outside world. I got up quickly and wiped myself down, I saw Alexander on the path just where I had been.

“Don’t stray far Marc, just take your time, be back soon,” he smiled gently and turned away. I watched him walk slowly down the path back to the house; I timidly reached my finger out and felt the hard barrier again.

“Great, I’m locked out.” I said to myself, I turned away from the house and strolled down the embankment towards a forest, as I entered the trees I couldn’t help but notice the serenity of the sunlight filtering through the leaves. Here I felt at peace, I heard a trickle of water and found a stream, I lazed on a fallen log and closed my eyes enjoying the sun on my face.

“I like to come here too,” my eyes flew open and I sat up, “Don’t be afraid child,” said the voice of whom I could not see. I spun round, a half-man half-horse stood in front of me. My eyes widened as I took in his mighty chest, and long curly brown hair. “My name is Grigorious,” he smiled, “My friends call me Greg,” I opened my mouth to reply but no sound came out, so I settled with a faint smile. “Welcome to Luxternia,” he smiled kindly, “I trust you are having an enjoyable time,” I nodded, “What is your name, son of Adam?” I coughed and then managed to speak,


“French,” Greg said aside to himself, “Would you join me for a walk, I have a talent of helping troubled souls like you,” I slid of the log and smiled,

“No thank you,” I bowed my head, “I should be getting home,” I turned and climbed back towards the path, I didn’t turn to see if he was still watching me,

“Marc!” he called suddenly, I turned, “Please walk with me,” he said again.

“Very well,” I replied, he smiled happily, “I haven’t got long,” I added,

“A minute or an hour will suit me,” he replied, I couldn’t help but stare as his horse-legs moved towards me. He was only a foot or so taller than me, “And if I could be so bold as to say this path appeases the eye moreso,” he said pointing through some trees,

“You know this place better than me,” I said heading into the forest, “Although it doesn’t look much like a path,” I added, Greg chuckled gently from behind me, I turned and raised my eyebrow,

“Look again Marc,” he said, I looked back and somehow a path lay straight ahead of me, it wound around trees and some trees hung over the path to form a natural tunnel. I smiled shaking my head; this supernatural stuff was messing with my brain. I made my way through the trees, a comfortable silence fell between us, a few minutes later Greg spoke,

“What is troubling you?” he asked, I didn’t reply straight away as I formed the story in my head,

“My sister has fallen in love with a vampire; this was before we came to The Isle of Justicia, but they’re evil and blood sucking and…”

“Human,” Greg said, I paused,

“They’re not human!” I spat,

“I beg to differ, every vampire were once human,” I allowed Greg to walk alongside me,

“But what human wants to drink the blood of innocent souls?” I asked,

“Most vampires do.” He paused, “There are some, some vampires who are far more humane that human beings,” I shook my head,

“They’re all the same,”

“How many have you met?” he asked,

“One…” I said slowly, Greg didn’t reply instead he nodded sadly, “So what side are you on? I’m guessing the bad side, as you’re sticking up for them.” I added,

“I’m not from the bad side,” he said strongly, “But we must not condemn each vampire for what their forefathers and friends were and are.”

“I’m lost,” I admitted,

“You look at me and see a centaur, that is what I am, but I still consider myself human. Perhaps this vampire boyfriend considers himself a human, a human with an unstoppable thirst for blood. Not every vampire kills their victim you know,”

“What made you so moral?” I asked,

“A lifetime of experience,” he replied, “Don’t be angry at your sister for falling in love with a monster, perhaps he is more decent that any human being, but may I offer some advice?” he asked,


“Do not trust any vampire here in the Isle of Justicia, do not trust any of the bad side,” I nodded,

“I wasn’t planning on it,” Greg smiled,

“This is the line splitting Luxternia from Demondian,” he said pointing at a crack in the ground, “Anyone found on this side,” he said indicating the side we were on, “you can trust.” I nodded,

“Let’s head back, they’ll be wondering where I am,”

“Stay for a while longer, I want to show you something,” Greg said.

The End

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