I always liked Lucinda and I was pleased when we were paired up. She walked up to me.

 "Uh... Nice sword." She commented

 I smiled slightly, I liked my sword, talk about serious chick magnets.

"So what should we do?" I asked.                                                                  

"To be honest... I haven't really got a talent..." she grimaced,

"What?" I asked, not believing her for a second.

"Well that wasn't entirely true. I kind of now some magic tricks...." she trailed off and looked at me, I was grinning. This fit perfectly with my plan.

"What?" she aked.

"Well I was just thinking that I never thought of you to be hiding magic up your sleeve." She snorted and gave me a look,

"Hey, there's lots you don't know about me." She smirked, people always like it when you are impressed by them.

"Anyway how does magic sound then? Or do you have anything better?" she inquired.

I thought for a second then she asked,

"So, what do you say... partner,"

“I think magic’s good, but I thinking mixing it was dance is better.” I responded and I could not help but grin. “We’ll make it all dark and you can synchronize your clones and we can wear those glowie things like they did in the that movie!”

She opened her mouth to respond when pandemonium burst. I sprinted to the scene, ready to draw my sword. I didn’t expect to see what I saw. Marc was screaming about something and Charley was crying. Since there did not seem to be any immediate physical threat I let everyone else handle it. I thought the “trial” was ridiculous and stupid. Charley was Marc’s sister traitor or not you don’t do that to your sister. I liked Moses he had a commanding aura that seemed to exude leadership.


As the trial continued I grew more upset with the situation. I was sickened by Charley’s “love” for a vampire scum. But I still the trial was polarizing and bad for group morale. I would have walked out but I felt it was my job as protector to observe the proceedings. I had to know who was willing to ally with who. Abraham Lincoln’s words played themselves over in my head, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

When William put a stop to it I was grateful, but I felt bad for Marc. He probably felt stupid and mortified. I looked at Sparkle Pixie, she winked at me knowingly. She knew that I couldn’t show her as much affection as the other guys showed their girlfriends. It didn’t sit well with me that she was once again in harms way. I pressed my back against the wall and felt the outline of my sword. Pixie wouldn’t get hurt while I was alive.

The End

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