I watched as William stormed out, followed by Lucy. Sitting there myself I felt uncomfortable, but I wanted to see what was going to happen.

“Does anyone else think this is silly?” Marc asked, a few people nodded, “Jade?” he looked at me, my eyes widened,

“Err…” I started, “I don’t know Marc, maybe I can have a talk with Charley, just one to one?” I asked, Charley stood up,

“Yeah Marc?” she added, Marc sank down slowly into a chair, his let his head fall into his hands and he froze.

“Come on Charley, we’ve got some talking to do,” I said getting up and walking outside, Jake jogged to join me,

“We’ll do this together,” he said, I smiled and kissed his lips,

“I’ve got this one honey, go cheer up Marc,” Jake pulled a face but obeyed, Charley came to my side and smiled,

“Thanks for saving me from utter humiliation Jade,” she smiled,

“I think Marc feels worse than you,” I pointed out; we rounded a corner and sat down against the house.

“I never really liked you Jade,” Charley admitted, oh boy, I’d heard that said a few times. I sighed and looked her in the eye,

“What is it about me that people initially don’t like?” I asked, Charley looked away,

“You’re kind of… intimidating,” she said,

“Me? No!”

“You’re just perfect, clever, beautiful, I guess you’re sporty and musical too,” she added,

“I’m far from perfect believe me,” I told her, she smiled,

“And you’ve got Jake,” Charley added,

“That brings me onto Rory,” Charley grimaced,

“He’s kicked up a fuss,” she smiled, “He would never want me to get so humiliated, I guess I shouldn’t tell him,”

“Do you think going out with him is best? Not for you, but for Marc?” Charley nodded,

“Yeah, I was just thinking that, but I feel the same for him as you feel for Jake…” she trailed off thoughtfully, “I can’t imagine my life without him,” I nodded knowingly,

“I know the feeling, maybe tell Marc you’ll break things off with him, but don’t?” I asked on the spur of the moment, but Charley seemed to like the idea,

“That could work…” she said beginning to smile, “Marc would never have to know!” she grinned,

“I wasn’t being serious,” I noted, Charley ignored me,

“Thanks Jade,” she said getting up,

“No! Come back!” I called getting up to, Charley turned, “You can’t lie to your brother!”

“Sorry Jade, I’m going to have to,” she smiled and hugged me; I didn’t hug her back,

“Charley, that’s a bad decision!” I called after her. I kicked a stone with my foot in anger, moments later Jake found me.

“I love you,” he said coming towards me,

“I love you too,” I said squeezing him tight,

“What’s up?” he asked,

“Nothing really, Charley just got the wrong end of the stick,” I kissed his chest hoping he’d lean down and kiss me back, instead he hesitated,

“What’s wrong with you?” I asked,

“Well you know you told me to go cheer up Marc?”


“I kinda went back and…”

“Where’s Marc?” Luke appeared by my side, I screamed and jumped away, Luke burst out laughing, “Seriously you’ve known me long enough, you shouldn’t still scream when I suddenly appear!” he smiled, I swatted his shoulder,

“What were you saying Jake?” I asked blanking Luke,

“Luke just told you, Marc’s gone.”

The End

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