Crap. That was all I could think. I was just beginning to feel like I fit in, sorta. After finding out if Ellie could dance, and I was very happy she could, I tried to make sure that she knew I danced because I enjoyed it... I wasn't perverted or anything. She smiled knowingly, and commented on the fact that I had talked to Charley.

I was about to tell her that we just talked, and I more of just liked her like a sister, just like I liked Ellie.. and that Charley and I had nothing going on.... sure she was pretty, I guess, but I had never really looked at a girl in a liking/loving sort of way... they were just all... girls.

All of a sudden, a commotion started up.

"Now what?" I asked.

"Eoin believe me you'll get used to this." Ellie laughed standing up.

"'This' being what?"

"Put it this way there's always something going on." she told me, and that's when it started.

After some sort of brawl, we all ended up in a courtroom type place. The Judge, Moses, was seated patiently at the stand, and he called up Marc to make his case.

The way Moses looked struck a chord somewhere, he looked so reassuring, yet like someone who regretted something from a long time ago, yet had to put it behind him. I wanted to comfort him, yet he looked so powerful that I thought that would seem silly. I looked at me briefly, seeming to say 'we'll talk later' and then went back to Marc, who was bringing Charley up to the stand.

He made his case, saying that she was a betrayer to us, that she was feeding this Vampire Rory information and that she was being a traitor and liar.

Charley gave her story, about how Rory saved her in South Africa and that he was good. I bought it, sort of. Seemed kind of shady to me, a good vampire? But I had no reason to not believe it.. I mean, I existed, right?

"She's your sister Marc" I heard Ellie say. I was sitting in between her and William, and in front of Ben.

The whole room turned towards her. Marc's face showed that he was embarrassed, but was still angry.

"And you're some long distant relative of mine too," he snapped, "that doesn't change the fact that she is a traitor!" He said.

I closed my eyes, inhaling deeply. I could practically feel everything in the room. Anger, Distrust, Disgust, Confusion, Panic, Curiosity. I glanced up and realized that I had been 'out' for five minutes. Was I that tired?

Marc stood, asking some questions, ones that just made Charley sink back into her seat.

"Okay, Marc, thank-you." Moses said, trying to keep things moving. "Would you please defend this young women Ms. Zoey?" he said, addressing Zoey.

She stood, not looking at Marc but clearly not wanting to put him down yet still having a look of confidence on her face and took her place beside Charley.


The End

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