"Heya partner." I sat down next to Eoin at the table in the kitchen.

"Hi Ellie." He smiled putting his book down. "Look erm if you want to swa-

I interrupted him already knowing what he was going to say. "Eoin I don't want to swap parents. To be honest I don't really mind who I work with also it be nice to get to know you. So what the hell we gonna do then?"

Eoin smiled and I noticed his body relax and then he replied. "Well...you're from Ireland right?"

"All my life."

"I was wondering if you can dance...Irish dancing I know that doesn't really sound right but erm..." He shrugged looking embarrassed.

"You don't have to be from Ireland to do Irish dancing. I remember doing line dancing in school last year and that's from Texas or some cowboy place." I sighed. "However I can dance and I used to do gymnastics when I was little. What you thinking?"

"I just wanted to know so we could maybe mix our talents together." I gave him a puzzle look; Eoin took a breath and let it out before carry on. "Don't laugh or think that I'm like-

"Will you just spit it out Eoin, it's getting late and I know everyone gonna want feeding soon."

"I can swing dance." He finally admitted.

"Really that soo cool, ahh now I see why you was asking. Wow yer we could mix my style with yours." Now I was excited already thinking of music and what to wear.

"Do you think it could work then?"


"That doesn't mean that I'm gay or anything, just because I dance doesn't mean that." I blinked surprised at what he said, and then I understood.

"Dude I know your not, besides I've seen you peeking at Charley." I told him.

"What?" He gasped out I smiled when suddenly we heard loud voices out in the hall.

"Now what?" Eoin asked.

"Eoin believe me you'll get used to this." I laughed standing up.

"‘ This' being what?"

"Put it this way these always something going on." I told him and then the pandemonium began.     


Charley in love with a vampire! I couldn't believe it. Vampire. Rory. That was what she was saying before. All I could think about was my nightmare, being in a dark tunnel, seeing my father bright red eyes looking into my mine, his sharp teeth close to my skin and his words echoed in my head 'Shh Ellie, I'm going to make sure you don't ever abandon me again.'  

I shrouded wanting to shake the nightmare away that hunted me every night. Luke and me grabbed some sits in the now ‘Courtroom', this house has everything I thought.

"I'm guessing Marc is the prosecutor?" I observed seeing Marc hard face expression, know one had ever seen him like that it just wasn't like him. But Charley was his sister; well technically she was ours too. "And who is going to be the Defendant's lawyer?"

"This isn't a game, Ellie," Ben whispered in my ear who was behind me. I saw Luke raise an eyebrow at him as he came and sit next to me.

"Doesn't make it any less ridiculous," Luke said in an easy tone, I took his hand and squeezed it.

That was one of the things that I loved about my American boy, we tried to make light of everything and we worked well together. This Moses guy that had randomly turned up was the judge, Marc was indeed the prosecutor and Zoey was sitting next to Charley at the front.

"Guess Zoey the Defendant lawyer." I whispered to Luke he nodded and whispered back.

"It's almost like Judge Judy."

Everything started then Moses called us all to attention with his deep voice that carried around the room. I zoned out a little as he spoke, with was bad on my side. I was glad that my American boy hand stop mine from shaking and I lent against him feeling tired. I barely slept last night- no strap that I wasn't sleeping full stop and now I had to be careful. Truly I didn't want to tell Luke about my nightmare, but I know that he was going to find out.

I rubbed my eyes and saw that Charley was now standing up and Marc was asking questions about Rory.

"When did you meet him?" Marc asked.

"When I lived in South Africa he saved me. He's different Marc, he won't hurt me or anyone." Charley voice was strong and steady as she spoke.

"What do you mean that he saved you?" Moses asked.

"When I was living in Africa, I was nearly killed by a lion, but Rory stopped it somehow...I don't actually know how but he did and without him I wouldn't be here today." Charley told us all.

No one spoke for a moment as we thought about what Charley just said, Marc face was a picture of emotions, shock, concern and then the hate set in again as he spoke.

"One good deed doesn't make up for the lives that he has killed. How could you Charley? Are you working with him? Does he know where you are? Were you getting information of that vampire that ‘we', helped you with?" Marc gestured around the room when he said the word ‘we', then he carried on firing questions. "Are betraying us? Betraying me your flesh and blood? Why didn't say anything about him before Charley? I'm your brother! You should have told me!"

I could see the pain in Marc eyes as well as the anger that was building up and I didn't like it. He shouldn't shout at her like that, she was his sister and he shouldn't be treating her like this.

"Have you heard from him Charley? Is he here because that would be nice to finally meet this wonderful Rory?" Marc asked.

"No." Charley said, even I could hear the pain it caused her.

"What no I haven't heard from him or no he isn't here?" Marc said standing in front of her.

Charley wiped her eyes then answered him. "No! I haven't heard from him! And no he isn't here!"

"How do I know that you're not lying to me?" Marc snapped back.

"She's your sister Marc." I said before my mind could stop me. O'god shut up, this has nothing to do with you Ellie.  




The End

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