A talent show. I shook my head. A talent show? I sighed but followed Eve out of the room. I didn't pay any attention to where we were going until Eve sat down. I ran my hand through my hair, messing it up, and smiled at her.

"I know it's hard to believe," I said to her, "But I don't actually have any talents."

"You know what's harder to believe?" She asked with a laugh, "That you just admitted it."

"Hey! Not cool," I scowled teasingly, "So do you have a talent? Other than how to have unusual hairstyles?" Eve grabbed a book with her lightning speed and threw it at me. I barely teleported out of the way in time.

"You have a deadly aim," I observed, "And I have a sharp tongue. Can we do anything with them?"

Just then Lucinda appeared. She didn't say anything but Eve and I got the message and followed her out of the room. Most of the group were gathered in the hall along with some strange looking guy.

Suddenly, Zoey was there holding Charley by the arm. Zoey looked like she didn't really know why she was practically dragging Charley outside but then Eoin and Marc entered behind them. Marc had a look of death on his face. I'd never seen him look so angry.

"What's going on?" Eoin asked Marc. Marc glanced at our visiter, ignoring Eoin.

"This is Moses," William said, with only the slightest hesitation in his voice. Marc simply nodded and continued outside after Zoey and Charley. The rest of us exchanged glances before following. Zoey had stopped but Marc hadn't.

"To the boundary," I heard Marc say, "And don't let her go." It was too late, Zoey already had.

"What is happening?" Zoey demanded. Marc made a grab for Charley himself but Charley decided then to prove she was actually a fiesty thing and fought him off before disappearing into thin air.

"She's invisible!" Marc growled.

"Stop! What is going on?!" Jade yelled.

"Yeah, Marc," I said, the calm one (for once), "What are you doing?"

“Charley is mixing herself with the evil side,” he explained and Eve gasped. “She’s fallen for a vampire, Rory,” Marc continued.

“A spy?” Jake asked, eyebrow raised. Marc nodded,

“I was going to throw her out,” he added.

“Shouldn’t you have spoken to us first?” Ellie asked after the two of us exchanged looks.

“She’s my sister, she came along on this mission with me, she’s my property to deal with,” Marc said, stiffly. Woah, never figure Marc to be so... cruel and possesive. That was my job.

Jade sighed, “We can’t have a spy, that’s just counterproductive.” Marc and a couple others nodded in agreement.

“Where did she go?” Ben asked. Marc shut his eyes.

"Left!" He said and lunged for her. Jake quickly turned into a whale (nearly crushing us might I add) and Will creating a gust of wind; blocking off any escape. Marc grabbed her with a shout and Charley finally reappeared.

"Get off me!" Charley insisted.

“I vote we host a trial!” Jade said, “See whether Charley really is guilty, before we send her into exile.”

Things happened quickly. Someone transformed the drawing room into a 'Courtroom' (An honest-to-God Courtroom!) and Marc allocated Moses as Judge.

Me? I didn't agree with this at all (I was shocking myself all over the place). Charley was an Atlantean and no one can control love. I seriously doubted Little Charley was a Traitor but all the little things were against her. From Ellie's face she was uncertain. I took her hand. Whatever our opinions, we had to get this over with.

So Ellie and I did what we did best when feeling uncomfortable: Be annoying and put on false bravado.

"I'm guessing Marc is the prosecutor?" Ellie said, sitting down, "And who is going to be the Defendant's lawyer?"

"This isn't a game, Ellie," Ben whispered in her ear. I raised an eyebrow at him.

"Doesn't make it any less ridiculous," I commented, lightly, sitting next to my Irish Pixie. She squeezed my hand.

The 'Trial' began.

The End

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