As soon as everyone left the room, the awkwardness became really obvious. Sat on the opposite sides of the room, both me and Marc tried to look anywhere but at each other. 

"So..." Marc muttered.

"Look. I don't want to be here. You don't want to be here. Let's just get this over and done with, for Jade's sake." I said, sitting up. 

"That's okay." He said quickly. "Yeah, okay." 

Silence again. I sat back and tried to think of something to do. It was a stupid idea. Talent show? I mean, it was pretty obvious we were all talented already. Well, apart from some people. 

"Thought of anything?" I asked him.


"Thought not." I muttered. Then under my breath I said, "Not exactly the brains of the bunch."

"What was that?" He snapped. 


"Jake, you don't know me. Don't act like you do." he snapped at me again. 

"Don't treat my like the bad guy, Marc. I'm not the one who kissed your fiancée." I said back, getting angry.

"Jake, get over it. You weren't even with her at the time. You can't blame me if I'm the one she chose in her time of need." 

I shut up. We both stared at each other angrily. Man, I wanted to jump from my seat and rip that smug look of his face. What had Jade saw in him? 

"What about Kung-Fu?" Marc said, smirking.

“No Marc, we’re not going to do kung-fu, it’s not even a talent! It’s just an excuse for you to hurt me.” I said, turning away. Like he could. 

"Well we have to think of something." 

I sat for a second and actually began to think of something. I had to make this work; Jade wouldn't forgive me if I didn't.


“How about the beauty of verse?” Marc asked in a joking voice.

“Not a bad idea, know any French poems?” I said. 

“A few, do you have any ideas, I’m not sure reciting a poem would go down to well with the other." 

I laughed. The vision of me and Marc sat there together telling a poem cracked me up. I could imagine the other guys' faces. Marc joined in too. 

"Oh, man. Imagine." He said, through bursts of laughter. 

"Come on, serious." I said, "What can we do?" 

"Well, what do we do best?" He asked me. 


"I'm sure they'd appreciate that. What can you do? What are you good at?"

I thought about it. What was I good at?

"I can do maths?" 

"What else can you do?" he said, rolling his eyes. I laughed. 

"Well, what about you?" I asked him suddenly. 

"I can swim." 

I stood up suddenly.

"And I can turn into a dolphin or something...."

"And there's a massive pool out there...." Marc carried on.

"Girls love dolphin shows." 

I smiled at him.

"Marc, I think we've found our act." I said, happily. A dolphin act. Who could beat a dolphin act? We were going to win!

"When shall we practise it, and all the things were going to do?" He asked me.

 "Well, I need a break, so later or something." I said. Okay, so we were getting on finally, but there was still only so much I could take of the guy.

"Okay, see you later." He muttered. He left the room, and I vaguely heard him walk up stairs.

He'd given me a bit to think about. Why had Jade chosen him instead of me when she was upset? Why Marc? Subconsciously she must like him? Man, I wish I hadn't mentioned the kiss now. I was only just forgetting it. 

But then, why would she agree to marry me? Why is she with me and not him? God, Jake you're thinking too much!

Girls were confusing. Surely she loved me. She must. Mustn't she? 

Yes. Yes she did. She did. I was sure of it. I loved her. I trusted her. 

Suddenly, I heard a commotion come from outside the room. Standing up quickly, I made my way out.

Everyone was stood there, with Charley in the middle. She disappeared suddenly. Woah. It turned out that she was in fact a spy, in love with a Vampire. Marc seemed really angry, and he wanted to kick her out. 

“I vote we host a trial!” Jade said, “See whether Charley really is guilty, before we send her into exile.” 

Send our own? Into exile? 




The End

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