I had had enough of Charley, I wanted to hit her and I wasn’t usually violent. I wanted to bring her back into the real world and show her what life really was,

“Who is Rory?” I asked, she gasped as she saw me staring down at her, Alexander stood up and left the room, Charley stood up.

“He’s sort of my boyfriend,” she said happily, I narrowed my eyes,

“Oh really?” I asked, she smiled again and nodded, “Does Mum know?”

“She’s not my real mum, she doesn’t have to know,” I let the breath flow out my nose angrily,

“Charley, he doesn’t sound good!” I said, I had a deep feeling that whatever Charley had been so secret about would have to be bad.

“He is actually; he’s sort of a vampire…” A second passed and the thought processed in my brain, another second passed as the anger boiled up inside me, the next second my hand had collided with a perfume bottle on Charley’s desk; it went crashing down to the floor and smashed apart. A strong floral smell entered my nose; once I had composed myself I managed a sentence,

“A vampire?” I asked slowly, “He’s one of them!” Charley’s eyes lifted off the cracked bottle and reached mine,

“But he’s good!” she cried. I had heard enough, I started with Jade,

“JADE!” I called, we stood in silence as I pictured Jade coming upstairs, “Get Zoey and Eoin,” I said slowly, she mashed her eyebrows,

“Why?” she asked,

“Just do it.” I snapped, she nodded and jogged off.

“What are you on about Marc?” Charley asked, I narrowed my eyes at her and shook my head slowly in disgust,

“Anyone who is a friend of them,” I jerked my head sideways, “Is not a friend of ours,” Charley gasped,

“I’m your sister!” she cried as Zoey came in,

“Bring Charley outside,” I said to her, Zoey raised an eyebrow,


“I’ll explain in a moment,” Zoey took Charley’s arm and led her downstairs,

“What are you doing Marc?” I heard Charley ask, I ignored her.

“Eoin, I think I need you,” I said to him as I met him on the stairs,

“What’s going on?” he asked, as we got into the hall the rest of the group was there with another man,

“This is Moses,” William said indicating to the man, I nodded to him but continued behind Zoey and Charley out the door. I sensed the rest of the group in my head follow behind me inquisitively, Zoey stopped on the path and I overtook her,

“To the boundary,” I said, Charley began to struggle, “And don’t let her go,” I warned. Zoey let Charley go,

“What is happening?” Zoey asked, I sighed and grabbed Charley’s arm myself, she struggled even more with me this time and hit my hand away, suddenly Charley wasn’t in front of me. I growled,

“She’s invisible!” I cried,

“Stop! What is going on?!” Jade shouted even though we were already in hearing distance,

“Yeah Marc, what are you doing?” Luke asked,

“Charley is mixing herself with the evil side,” I explained, Eve gasped, “She’s fallen for a vampire, Rory,” Jake raised an eyebrow,

“A spy?” he asked, I nodded,

“I was going to throw her out,” I explained,

“Shouldn’t you have spoken to us first?” Ellie asked,

“She’s my sister, she came along on this mission with me, she’s my property to deal with,” I said, Jade sighed,

“We can’t have a spy, that’s just counterproductive,” I nodded in agreement,

“Where did she go?” Ben asked, I closed my eyes and sensed Charley standing only a few meters away,

“Left!” I called quickly and darted to where she was, she moved and moved again. I had to keep referring to the map in my head, blinding me from the real world. As a team we managed to catch her, Jake turned into a whale blocking her off from a large area, William send a gust of air so she couldn’t run towards him; I gripped my arms around her,

“Gotcha!” I cried, she appeared,

“Get off me!” she squealed,

“I vote we host a trial!” Jade said, “See whether Charley really is guilty, before we send her into exile.” And with that it was agreed, Charlotte was going to face judge and jury to see whether her position in the team was in jeopardy. Our new visitor Moses was going to be the judge.

The End

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