After being called and informed in the drawing room by Ben, I knew we and to get our act together. The way Jake and Marc were on each other was not going to help. I didn't fight, period. I took a few classes in martial arts, but pretty much learned how to say "Hiy ya!".  

I tried thinking up something that would make a family even closer together.

I thought about Charley and myself. We had sort of confided in each other, but it was mostly an accident. WE had bumped into each other in the hallway and exchanged some words. I said a few things and she turned into tears and explained that she really didn't want to fight, she was a pacifist. And, I think on accident, let me in on the secret that she did have a power, invisibilty. 

Personally, I thought that was cool. You could do so much with that, but now was not the time to let her know that. Right now she needed a way to fit in and feel less like a cousin, and more like a sibling. And so did I.

When I heard Jake and Marc having a brawl, a lightbulb clicked in my head.

I explained my idea to the others, and for the most part they were agreed.  Jade matched everyone up, and Jake and Marc were the only two to look like they were being put through something agonizing.

I hurried off to find Ellie, and try to figure out what the heck we could do for our talent.



*sorry it's so short, really tired!

The End

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